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  1. So I just recently binged all of the creepshow movies and show and I am so hoping we see it this year! After watching Hollywood’s house it seemed really fun! I really hope we have the creep jumping out of the comic cover scares!!!
  2. I thought I read something not to long ago that Bloody Mary is public domain
  3. That would be absolutely incredible and I love the idea of having the body collectors in here instead of their own house! Makes room for a new OG or a sequel!
  4. One of the 2 OG houses I planned would be a terra house I just didn’t know what to call it lol and I put saw and purge as scarezones because I feel like saw might be unique on the streets and not waste a whole house slot and the purge because supposedly the final purge is coming out next year and i feel purge works better in the streets then a house but absolutely agree we don’t need more purge lol also while Freddy is one of my favorite slashers I would rather see hellraiser have that spot since it’s something new but not sure who holds the rights to it.
  5. Personally I love the idea of a saw scarezone and think it would work well in the Hollywood area
  6. So after carefully thinking about this for a few weeks the line up I would love to see is 1. Jordan peele’s candyman 2. The conjuring universe 3. Nightmare on elm street 4. 30 anniversary house 5. scarecrow Sequel 6. Slaughter sinema sequel 7. Leave it to cleaver sequel 8. Body collectors sequel 9. OG house 10. OG house scarezones 1. The final purge 2. Saw 3. Icons 4. OG 5. OG shows: 1. Lagoon show 2. Bill and Ted : Reunion Tour feat. AOV
  7. My line up I would love to see next year would be 1. Nightmare on elm street:cause you can never have to much Freddy. 2. The Witcher: if a Netflix property is to be featured I think a bad ass monster hunter house would be cooler then haunting of hill house. I just personally feel like hill house wouldn’t translate that well into a show. 3. Candyman: Jordan Peele got a US house this year and is apparently happy with the final results so I can absolutely see his sequel coming to the event next year. 4. Halloween 2018: having the first before Halloween kills comes out a month later just makes sense to me 5. 13 Ghosts: it’s probably the least likely of the 5 IPs but would love to see this house eventually!!! 6. Dungeon of Terra Cruentes: it’s been said why this house needs to be done above and I just absolutely think this is a bad ass name and could be a seriously twisted house! 7. Slaughter sinema 2: the first house was such a huge success and the ideas for this house are endless and I could see it becoming the new scary tales. 8. Nightingales vs Body Collectors 9. Scarecrow sequel 10. A brand new original house because I don’t want to see just old properties the entire event
  8. Overall did you enjoy this year more then previous years?
  9. DRAGULA and living dead girl for sure. My personal favorite is demonoid phenomenon! Honestly I would just give the album hellbilly delux a listen takes like 40 min start to finish!
  10. Is there any way possible to get the mobile vhs wallpaper to have US and graveyard games added?
  11. This might sound really stupid but is the MIB tent capable of having a facade? I know for hhn 26,27,28 it just had a poster practically. I would love to see the murderride for house of 1000 corpses but scared to get my hopes up honestly.
  12. Klowns is already in construction at Hollywood so I would say it’s unlikely
  13. 10. Graveyard 9. Yeti 8. Nightingales 7. Stranger things 6. Depths of fear 5. Killer klowns 4. Ghostbusters 3. Us 2. Universal monsters 1. House of 1000
  14. I’m so excited to move to Florida this weekend and be able to see scarezone construction as it gets closer to the event!!
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