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  1. Overall did you enjoy this year more then previous years?
  2. DRAGULA and living dead girl for sure. My personal favorite is demonoid phenomenon! Honestly I would just give the album hellbilly delux a listen takes like 40 min start to finish!
  3. Is there any way possible to get the mobile vhs wallpaper to have US and graveyard games added?
  4. This might sound really stupid but is the MIB tent capable of having a facade? I know for hhn 26,27,28 it just had a poster practically. I would love to see the murderride for house of 1000 corpses but scared to get my hopes up honestly.
  5. Klowns is already in construction at Hollywood so I would say it’s unlikely
  6. 10. Graveyard 9. Yeti 8. Nightingales 7. Stranger things 6. Depths of fear 5. Killer klowns 4. Ghostbusters 3. Us 2. Universal monsters 1. House of 1000
  7. I’m so excited to move to Florida this weekend and be able to see scarezone construction as it gets closer to the event!!
  8. Personally I’m ready for some scarezones
  9. We supposed to get a announcement tomorrow?
  10. I think we are probably good for a announcement next week more then likely scarezones if it goes by last years schedule. I think potter won’t bother anything till the week it opens but I have a feeling that July will be hard for announcements with all the galaxy edge publicity happening. Also academy of villains will prob be announced.
  11. So i really hate that marketing wont use any icon other then jack because honestly this year would be such a perfect year for the ushers return!
  12. To keep discussion going what is everybody’s most anticipated house this year based off the current speculation? I think mine is House of 1000 because of how great the sets should be!
  13. I heard a rumor of a silent hill scare zone. Probably not accurate but I want it LOL
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