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  1. I finally bought my Frequent Fear Plus Pass!!! This is my first time getting a FF since HHN 25 so I'm super stoked and hope to see some of you there!
  2. Guys.... Can we take a second to imagine if Doomguy with a chainsaw was in the rumored Anarchade zone?
  3. I dunno... I think GoT was meant to be a house. Unless that's not what you meant?
  4. Oh, John. Doesn't give a crap and just says "This thing I worked on is not the other projects I'm currently working on" and one of other ones he lists is HHN29. So much more lenient than other IP holders hahahahah
  5. Haven't been able to post in a while, but this has been a super crazy year for speculation, definitely wild for my first! This is gonna be my first year getting a Frequent Fear, so I'm stoked to go a lot! I can't believe the lineup is pretty much prematurely revealed. But to keep speculation rolling, what are you guys hoping to see from the originals/scarezones that haven't been talked about a lot yet? Personally I'm hoping Tooth Fairy goes the Knott's route and has a ton of dentophobia aspects with buzzing and mouth gore. And I'm also super excited to see what comes of the Vikings scarezone, because big lumbering Vikings covered in snow/ice sounds legit. We'll probably get a lot of ambient Dark Fantasy music.
  6. You're totally right, thanks for slapping some sense into me, lol. I managed to forget about that. I definitely agree with you, the idea of them not being able to cast it is kind of silly to me. I think Us can and should come to the event.
  7. It's pretty unfortunate that Us can't come, because god it was such a stellar horror film. Kudos to Jordan Peele for some amazing films. I don't doubt Universal's ability to type-cast hard enough to get us a cast which looks like the movie and even has good doppelgangers. I mean, look at Stranger Things, but there really are 0 reasons that the Tethered family would be attacking the guests. And maybe it's just me, but voyeuristic houses are kinda boring. I'm just still in my corner hoping for Anna and The Apocalypse or Shaun of The Dead
  8. This sounds like useful information! I don't care when we get them, I just hope it's happening! Let's have it set in 'Nam boys. (I'm kidding) But pretaining to 29, who here sees the possibility of a lead up into the events of 30? I remember in the email about the dates being announced it said "the legend grows" or some shit which sounded kinda noteworthy. That could be a way to get some sort of central theme or icon and it would be pretty neat to have a story again, like with 25 and 26.
  9. Honestly, I say Usher + Monsters or bust. Unfortunately not a lot of people care for the Usher, but the Classic Monsters are pretty popular and I feel like are just the right amount of iconic to be notable and attract people, but not take TOO much away from our boy The Usher. I just got to see Phantom of The Opera live and now I wanna see his original form at HHN again!
  10. Hearing the suspiria theme while walking into a house would let me die happy
  11. That would be good too! From what I understand though zombie costumes are like, not being used this year or something? At least on Hollywood... I'm not sure what's up with those things the Hollywood director said. Someone feel free to correct my dumbass.
  12. Here's to hoping! I'm hoping "unexpected" means Shaun of The Dead or Anna and The Apocalypse. I have a soft spot for British zombie comedies, apparently!
  13. This is essentially what they've been doing for a while now, and the lineup you've chosen would make the most sense. But from what's been spoken about here and on Inside Universal by Legacy, this year might be pretty unpredictable, so who knows at this point. I'm just thinking of things I'd like to see haha.
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