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  1. Kind of upset that this house is in one of the larger sound stages. Nightingales would’ve been amazing to see on a larger scale, with massive Roman columns and architecture. Or Universal monsters with giant gothic set pieces.
  2. Went through the same thing last year when the scarezone was announced. All i really remembered was that it scared the hell out of me when i was about 6. Definitely have high hopes for this house. I think the shrek location or any of the other smaller soundstages could work. Since Stranger Things and Ghostbusters are pretty much guaranteed to be in the big soundstages, id orefer to save the other two for original houses.
  3. Just re-watched this movie recently and oh my god, I forgot how much potential this has for a house! DR. SATAAAAANNN!!!!!
  4. I think it will have some cool, varied setpieces as well as that incredible score. The only aspect im not super thrilled about is the characters themselves. If i wanted a house full of people in boiler suits, I'd take a Slipknot house. Now, if i walk in there and i see a doppelganger of myself, I'll be very impressed.
  5. If you dont count Poltergeist, Ghosttown was our last "straight-up ghost house" back in 2016. But that had a unique feel to it since it was a western setting. The ghosts in it also felt more like living people, yelling at us before they shoot us with their guns. Graveyard Games vaguely references Dead End (2012) in its description, and that house was the embodiment of "straight up ghosts."
  6. This better be gory as hell! So excited for this zone!
  7. Damn, we get Romans AND Vikings? I hope they put a Viking ship where the church was for Twisted Tradition last year. Make it look like they sailed through the lagoon. Wouldn't mind getting something like this for a house somewhere down the line.
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