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  1. I just saw HDD2U, that was NOT a horror movie. I would be shocked if it comes.
  2. I just, registered, what exactly is it?
  3. Murdy tweeted about how maze #5 was them stepping out of their comfort zone and that it was a risk.
  4. Not a horror nights question, but what is the relationship between the 2017 Truth or Dare and the Blumhouse one?
  5. Does anyone know what would block HHN from using Pet Sematary, other than Stephen King’s Involvement?
  6. So now that we have this announcement, will the first house be coming in the next couple weeks?
  7. I’m really hoping for a Stranger Things 3 trailer tonight
  8. Does anyone know when the update will come that Sunshine Frights talked about?
  9. According to Orlando Villian on Inside Universal, the code names are- Chicken Onyx Salt Drill Dog Cotton Pit Pressure Jerky Hysteria
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