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  1. Such heated discussions over this maze. I actually enjoyed this last year. Not really a fan of dub step but I can appreciate the remixes of classic horror themes. and it was nice to have somewhat of a decent overlay for HoH.
  2. Super excited for this maze. I loved La Llorona both years, and this has the potential to be just as good if not better. And I agree about that kids party scene, it sounds morbid as hell, and I cant wait to see it.....So I can run. lol.
  3. I am beyond excited that not only do we have TWO mazes on the backlot (one of which is in a freaking sounstage!) but a SZ as well!? I'm geeking out!
  4. how did I miss the concept art for this SZ?! It looks amazing. I always loved the Klownz, the SA have such great energy, I'm glad to see Murdy give them a new twist and a new location.
  5. I really hope theres some decor added down there. It really does add to the tone. Its a little off putting to just have the SA running around and have nothing else around.
  6. I dont remember. Matter of fact, I don't remember anything about this scarezone, which is not a good thing.
  7. You guys are fucking amazing. I danced the entire way through this maze. Thanks for posting the music!
  8. Hey guys, sorry I've been so absent from the boards. How the hell are we up to 65 pages on SPEC?! Wow. Anyway did anyone else go Monsterpalooza this past weekend and go to the HHN panel?
  9. it may have taken a lot from the budget, BUT 1. if they work, hopefully they'll be able to keep TT open later, and 2. its a one time cost, they wont have to purchase anymore, unless they expand TT.
  10. Is that what those big ol walls on TT are?! Sound reducers? Awesome!
  11. Wow, now that SZ are coming together, its really starting to hit me that HHN is upon us! Yikes, I'm starting to get giddy like a school girl. lol. For a second I was going to be really upset if the big steel drums and fire weren't returning to Klownz, but then I saw them on the backlot and realized they just hadn't been wheeled out yet.
  12. As much as I hate having things return over and over again. I can't be bothered by this. I love Klownz. The fire, the music, the energy, it all just works. And they need to keep the go go's @ the front where they belong.
  13. Thanks for the update video! I've never seen the original TCM, I'm def gonna watch it before HHN though.
  14. Not to mention Transformers is now open. That will def eat up some of the crowds.
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