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  1. What was the hint in Carnival Graveyard? Everyone is saying is the "I'm back" sign but that was there the entire run, and the boo-hole was going to be filled with the hint on the last day.
  2. In your Vamp 85' list, you have Real Life – Jake Owen – Real Life Album listed but that's a song from 2015
  3. It would be so awesome if they release the complete mix of this year, because I loved it! The tracklist isn't complete though, the name of the song between Killa - Disto and Stronger - Kanye is nowhere to be found, I have tried with Shazam with no luck. And I also remember hearing A-Ha - Take On Me (PELUSSJE Dubstep Remix) in the pre-show.
  4. In Academy of Villains, the laser act song is Skorby - Happy Nightmares.
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