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  1. Could ‘dog’ actually be about ST2? What with the demodog and all?
  2. I guess it makes sense that Aiello wouldn’t give us such a clear-cut wordplay suggestion this early on, but if only...
  3. So this isn’t really being talked about... I don’t know too much about Psychoscareapy, but from what I hear, I’m more than down if that’s what this means. I just don’t know what other kind of suggestion “house 7 is starting treatment” could be making as a hype phrase!!
  4. Is this confirmed or was it just an observation? I don’t see the connection too much.
  5. Valid. What are the thoughts on Black Mirror as a whole?
  6. Hi folks!! Just wrapped up an exceptional piece of Netflix ... media ? I’m throwing out Black Mirror: Bandersnatch as a wonderful contendor for some event, if not 29. Look it up if you haven’t already heard of it, because it brings a lot to the table in the way of interactive film! No spoilers here, but given the decision-making mechanic of the choose-your-own-adventure short film, A&E may have many routes to choose from in regards to what should be shown in the house. It’s possible that we could even see bits and pieces of all of the events and endings, with so many characters worth showing. Genres abound, from monsters to video game/glitch aesthetics to gore, could make this a concept with potential. I’m not sure what agreement Universal has with Netflix, but I feel that the concept is just the right level of unreal that it would work without too much exposition dumping while staying scary.
  7. Who were you in Carnival Graveyard, if that’s okay? There’s so much confusion about the lore of those characters and that house, and if you had any input, that’d be awesome!!
  8. I have NO idea. Jake wasn’t in/didn’t know anyone in CGY, and all my information goes through him. All I know about that house is kind of base level. :/ I’ll try to find someone who does know things and learn more, though!! I really want to know more about Ernest Lee and the carnie with the pistol and bowler hat.
  9. Glad to hear about that 4 to 6 seconds thing from someone else! Sonya, the reserve Sam, said that while she did sheets it was something like “1, 2, 3, scare” while bouncing back and forth from one foot to the other to keep the pace. You should posted in the behind the scenes thread with interesting stuff if you have it! I love hearing from other scarecators, and since Jake was never in that house, he couldn’t share much about it.
  10. As far as we all know, not really. It’s all just either stuff they fully intended and continued to use, or stuff that came and went before the public could really get wind of it. The Harvest’s costumes have changed many, many times from the beginning of the event, from gillie suits of hay to black screen masks to button eyes to skulls, the latter two as seen at the end of the run, but that’s all as far as I know.
  11. I got asked if I could talk about the zones!!! -General knowledge, but the klowns adore the theme song and WILL dance with you if they see you getting into it! It’s incredibly cute! -All of the klowns, as well as the chainsaw hordes and the cameraman in Vamp, are called fitness-trained roles; you have to go through a specific set of physical tests to verify that you can lift or operate possibly heavy equipment or costumes. This means that not every reserve can take on one of these roles, and I’ve seen a Trisha without a cameraman before. -The flying witch in Scary Tales is actually the first female stunt role ever at HHN!! Also, the harness leaves pretty painful bruises, unsurprisingly. -The motorcyclist in Vamp is a role that can only be done by motorcycle professionals with a public history of performance. His crew, a group of maybe three of four (including Nathan, who is in my profile picture), are known as the motorcycle escorts, and their job is primarily to keep guests from messing with the driver. -Unsure if this was improv or show direction, but a couple of the vamps AND victims in Vamp ‘85 turned to attempt to dismantle Trisha’s van near the end of the season. It wasn’t uncommon to see a group, usually led by “the mixtape guy” Hunter, try to take the tires off the car so she couldn’t leave. There’s also a speaker mounted on the window of the car that plays a prerecorded track of a newscast with Trisha, which I would love to get my hands on in its entirety!! -This is public knowledge if you stuck around long enough, but the Monkey Mayhem monkeys of Chucky attracted not only huge crowds, but Good Guy workers and other toys as well. The monkeys loved crowd participation, and they put on a little show for the crowd by having one jump on the other’s back and do battle with a doll (actress) on a Good Guy’s back!! It was totally possible to spend a whole set just over with the monkeys with how much they seemed to love improv and games.
  12. Hi! My name is Abby, and my boyfriend Jake was a member of the reserve cast this year. His roommate Ben was hard cast in The Harvest, Ben’s brother Nathan was in Vamp ‘85, and Jake’s friend Sara was the green outfit Trisha White. Beyond that, he knows a handful of other people on some level, mostly from being in Ash vs. Evil Dead with them last year. Because of both Jake and the people he knows, I have a little information that one might not think about on the surface!! So I’m copy/pasting this from a couple different areas, but here’s a summary of things that I’ve talked about from an insider’s perspective: -In Seeds of Extinction, you’ve probably seen the Blooms - there are three of them, and they are vine-covered creatures with colorful flower-esque detailing on the top of their heads. The stage direction is intended to be that they hold their leafy arm up in front of their face, which essentially looks like a dab, and then rapidly uncover it to reveal the toothy, spiny mouth of the creature, hence the “blooming.” It’s very hard to see in the dark and rapidness of the scare and not all scareactors do it. -Carnival Gravyard and Scary Tales share a breakroom, so it’s not uncommon to see the falling clown from Carnival interacting with the Scary Tales characters during cast changes since he stays in character (will post a photo of the clown swooshing the witch’s cape sometime)! Poltergeist and Stranger Things also share a room, so he got to see the kids (all women) just hanging out. -The giant skull demon head that lights up and slightly moves in Poltergeist is a full-body harness that is very rigorous to get into. Jake didn’t actually get to see it in action, as he was one of the skull demons later in the house, but he did get to see the harness during one of his returns to set. -The human characters of Twisted Tradition represent tropes of the horror genre - white dress is supposed to be the “virgin,” for example. The flashlights they hold have the ability to flicker, and that light flickering is the cue for a small mini-show in which the pumpkin-human hybrids in the area surround and “possess” the human victim(s). Jake wasn’t officially taught the lore, as he is reserve, but his stage direction and fellow actors told him that the procedure is based on the story, as the rotting pumpkins need human hosts to inhabit so they don’t rot away. -This isn’t lore or behind the scenes, but The Harvest deals with some of, if not THE, worst guest behavior in the park. Since everyone goes through that zone to get to Stranger Things, whereas Killer Klowns is a little out of the way, guests that don’t even care for the zones or the actors still show up and act just any way they please. Hitting, provoking, yelling at, heckling, and purposefully getting in the way of actors has been so, so prevalent all season. Ben is a staff-carrying creature (if you have seen the one that performs very large leaps and bounds toward guests that seem inhuman over on the Stranger Things side, that’s him!!), and too often do guests step in front of him or his staff, or attempt to touch/take it from him. They’re just rude. It sucks. -Towards the end of the season, the show directors disclosed to the reserves that it would be very rare for them to ever be cast on a street. This was a big year for actors dropping out halfway through, so those boo holes, especially the key roles, in the houses had to be filled in order to keep the whole thing afloat. Jake’s last night there was an exception, though, as he was given the role of one of the Chomps (half-human, half-pumpkin with the half mask head, pointed nose, and underbite pumpkin seed teeth) in Twisted Tradition. A girl who had been hard cast in The Harvest was permanently relocated to the primary, featured girl in Sorority Sacrifice as of October 21st because that role had to be filled.  -Oh! And obviously almost all Sams are women! An older, very short lady that was in Jake’s house last year, maybe in her late 40s, is a reserve who is frequently cast as Sam. Maskless Sam’s headpiece is very painful, and the sheets Sams on either side of the vomit/sheet ghost scene in ToT is very difficult as there is very limited visibility. The Sams in that room are not choosing victims to scare, because they can’t see them at all. It’s completely random. -Even with the women thing, though, the vampire boy in ToT is played by a male, at least in one cast! He just happens to be super short! If you have any specific questions about any houses or zones, hit me up in this thread! I know a lot of things I can still talk about, and I personally know scareactors in almost every zone now!!
  13. On this note, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people being comfortable enough to take pictures in the zones. I watched several children actively reach away from their parents in order to interact with the klowns, implying thst they weren’t just brought there specifically to pose with them; they wanted that. They seemed to have fun dancing and touching the klowns (when invited to - Shorty stuck out his boxing glove knowing that the kid was curious), and that’s okay. I think it’s important to avoid elitism with the event and just roll with the idea that if taking photos is fun, whether a child or an adult is the subject, then the event achieved its goal of being a form of entertainment. That being said, zones are more accessible for those seeking a less frightening experience, like parents with kids. Houses with their long lines, then, should be entirely reserved for the actually frightening parts of the event if the zones aren’t all terrifying. IMO, Poltergeist followed through, Stranger Things did not; the balance of fear vs. aesthetic wasn’t achieved in the latter case. Killer Klowns would be a decent humor house based on the idea alone, but it definitely would retract from the middle H of Halloween Horror Nights. I think that the 80s theme sort of required that silliness and steering away from entirely dark ideas, but we should get past that by now. The Klowns just don’t feel scary enough to be in a house, instead feeling too welcoming, especially after this year’s event. I dunno.
  14. While this is valid and definitely doable, how many times can you use non-klowns for scares in a Killer Klowns house before it loses the point? Again, though, even with the big spaces, the lack of mobility in the Klowns was very very noticeable for almost all of them (excluding Shorty). Slow movements kind of added to the creep factor of the zone, but would that work in the constantly-moving nature of a house? Would their sound triggers make sense, or would they just be loud noises for the sake of it?
  15. Honestly, while Killer Klowns WAS super popular, I really can’t see it translating well into a house. As a scareactor on Facebook pointed out, “those are some big boo holes.” I think it worked as a street with room to have those massive costumes, but a house would mean either scaling down the klowns’ size in a really weird way (especially now that we’re familiar with them from the zone), having boo holes too noticeable to be surprised by/too difficult for the actors to navigate with their limited speed, or somehow reinventing the concept of the scare to make this work. Chucky, however, most definitely! It won street of the year, so it’s almost guaranteed to be considered enough of a relevant success to bring back.
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