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  1. Hell yeah ! What nights? Bee ! I like it ! I’m so glad that you guys had those minimal waits; Sunday was so good that I felt comfortable and encouraged to do Ghostbusters twice back-to-back because of those small crowds. What was your favorite house?
  2. I’ll update this post as I go tonight! I’ll format it like this: house in italics, time of day in bold, and posted/actual wait time comparison in regular letters. UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS: -6:06-6:10..........posted 20, actual 4 (walk on) DEPTHS OF FEAR -6:29-6:31..........posted 5, actual 2 (walk on, got stuck inside and got some cool pics of the dog everyone hates as well as a neat depth effect i hadn’t noticed before, will post later) -6:39-6:40.........posted 15, actual 1 (walk on, checked again and stilt role is replaced with standard infected miner with the dark hallway behind her) HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES -7:26-7:55.........posted 40, actual 29
  3. Just so you guys know, it’s raining !!! Crowds might be light !
  4. Honestly, this isn’t really helpful, but I found the same problem with Zombieland. Like, is it that hard to rip the dialogue straight from the source? Granted, I don’t know anything about the actors’ rights and whether or not they would have to sign off on their voices being used, but jesus, are some of these impressions off. Tallahassee doesn’t even have a similar dialect to Woody Harrelson. Yikes. Sorry to go off, but that’s what’s bothering me. Speaking of signing off, I know that Ghostbusters has apparently been extremely difficult to work with as an IP (last-minute house modifications, refusal to put the logo on the house shirt because of the blood on it, etc), so maybe that’s why it feels like that with the voice acting. Maybe the studio literally just wanted to keep the original content as far away from this house as they could by rerecording the lines. Can you, or someone who’s also seen Ghostbusters, compare the rest of the dialogue from the Busters, Gozer, etc to the house’s?
  5. I know the thread may be a little dead by now, but I thought this was interesting!! I was initially just going to show you guys what the phone case looks like, but check out allllll of those logos inside. Neat?
  6. I lost my marbles dancing to it because it was the first song I heard ever walking into the zone.
  7. It just depends on how many stilt-approved reserves there are. Stilt roles have specific stilt auditions, and basically anyone that CAN be on stilts already IS because of that. Also, like I said, I don’t know if they just decided the role is way too high maintenance (pants issues, mask issues, stilt danger, etc) and so the character itself will be taken out of the house. It’s kind of late for a new character to be created to fill that hole, I think.
  8. Probably...? I think there were a few scareactors doing that too, but yes, I did mention some!! Right now, my only sources are a little girl ghost in Graveyard Games, the first Phantom in the PotO section of UCM, and a former Ringleader in Ghostbusters. Jake hasn’t been cast yet because no one’s really called out, as they typically don’t in the first week, but if he does go somewhere I’ll definitely fill you in. Really, the only knowledge I can throw out there is weird, specific, yet basically worthless information about the Ringleader. There was a whole costume fiasco on opening night because the big stilt pants for that character require a certain type of suspenders, which went missing. The costume became modified during that night to include elastic sewn into the waistband. Again, though, he was taken out of the role on Sunday, so I’m not sure if he’s just out or the character itself is going to be gone. Look out for the stilt scare/possibly an empty space at the end of the hallway after Winston has his dialogue.
  9. Same! If anyone hears anything, please let us know! I can go ahead and say, though, that one very fun fact is that the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is essentially a giant carved block of the kind of styrofoam that would come in a package. It’s mounted on a custom-built “stage”-style platform to hold it in place so that everything else can be projected onto it. Info gained from scareactor who backed up to it in his area and frequently leaned on it. From the same scareactor, through his experiences with stilts, I learned that apparently the creatures in Depths of Fear have pretty awful eyesight because of there being practically no visibility points in the headpiece. I guess it was an oversight. It makes the stilt performer in that house just that much more impressive, given that he’s on a slant AND blind, but I can’t help but worry for him. On that note, I have a question. So as I never shut up about, my boyfriend was a reserve last year and is one again this year. Because he was given a rundown of each house/his role within that house by the casting and show directors, he was able to provide a lot of nifty information last year. So, mods: is it okay to eventually start some kind of lore thread that contains the information people can get from UtH tours or backstage info from team members themselves? Or should the details go in their respective threads?
  10. Yeah, the facades all look FANTASTIC this year!! Man, I really want to to off about just how cool Depths’ facade is, but I think you’d appreciate seeing it for yourself. Let’s just say it’s unconventional. But yeah, the clown from HoTC is actually just outside the house. I wasn’t sure if it was okay to take a picture or not, but we were crawling along because everyone was scared of Spaulding on the inside, so I got a quick pic. He’s just in the doorway and he’s a great introduction to the house.
  11. Hi!! So I don't know if this is a thing, but I started this little topic because I was interested in seeing different pictures that people have taken at the event so far! I've heard a feel people ask about facades, so this might also be a good place to share what the event really looks like to the people that haven't been yet. Please feel free to add on your own, and if this is a topic that doesn't match the category, also feel free to move it, mods !
  12. Oh my god, I understand! So the light sort of moves in waves, right? So certain sections are darkened while others are lit up? The lights were CONSTANTLY on past the point where you enter the spaceship I think?? I haven't seen the movie, but the big clown face with the big red nose, NOT Klownzilla. I think it may have been because the cast change just happened; perhaps they turn the lights on so that it's easier for the scareactors to head to their locations? Anyway, with all of the bright overhead lights, all of the neon just hurts. I think that with the right effects going off this could have come off a lot better. Have to do it again. Also, Klownzilla was stationary for me. That movement is kind of badass when it does work. Edit: Watching a vlog, and the Ordinary Adventures couple experienced what I saw at 3:28.
  13. Stranger Things is where Poltergeist was last year while Ghostbusters is the one in front of the stage, so the waiting area should be the same regardless. In my personal experience on the first two nights, it doesn’t save much time to do the big houses first. Ghostbusters took 40 minutes even with being the first one through the gate on my turnstile because I was up at the front. Speed-walked there and everything, but still. I don’t know how it’s gonna be with Stay and Scream, but you could always try. The waits generally don’t improve over the night for those big ones, whereas it feels like the smaller houses only worsen. All in all, the ones I’ve waited a considerable amount of time for would have been 7:26-8:02 for Universal Classic Monsters, 8:20ish-8:45 for Graveyard Games, 8:50-9:45 for Nightengales, and obviously ST and Busters get some lines. I know that at least the beginning of the night, all of the back houses should be walk-ons; House of 1000 Corpses followed immediately by Depths of Fear had almost no wait for us on opening night, and were it not for it being opened a little later last night, Nightengales would have been good at 6:30. As we left Nightengales, we could see that Depths was still a walk-on. Anyway, back-of-the-park strategy is always handy, but if you want to do one of those bigger houses more than once (I don’t know about ST, but Ghostbusters has some sights), sure, go ahead and knock it out with S&S. I wouldn’t advise doing both of the big ones one after the other unless the goal is to get them out of the way. If the goal is to save time, the problem is that everyone else has the same idea and once they’re done with those big houses, they’re going to head to the smaller ones and the lines will increase. I hope you guys have so much fun at HHN and that the lines won’t be too harsh! If you run into problems and need recommendations or directions, I’ll be there Saturday and I’m more than willing to help out. Have a great time and do remember to plan a first house, but otherwise, I find it easier and more fun to decide in the moment. Cheers!
  14. Hi friends!! Can anyone do me a favor and keep an eye out for the Ringleader ghost in Ghostbusters? He’s the top-hatted, long-pants-wearing stilt man in the hallway after you see Winston. My roommate (unintentionally) ruined two of the masks for the Ringleader because of a nosebleed and was taken off of the role; I don’t know if the character itself is getting cut because of an entire hard-cast scareactor being gone or if a reserve may get hard-cast to fill in the spot. If you saw him tonight or see him any time soon, please drop in with an update! Thank you!!
  15. You know what? That’s valid. I’m not the RZ audience and I accept that, and people having fun is harmless and good.
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