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  1. 9/12 5:45 PM Depths of Fear – 15 min Ghostbusters – 80 min Graveyard – Closed House of 1000 Corpses – 5 min Killer Klowns From Outer Space – Closed Nightingales: Blood Pit – Closed Stranger Things – 100 min Universal Monsters – 10 min Us – 25 min Yeti – Closed 6:00 PM Depths of Fear – 30 min Ghostbusters – 60 min Graveyard – Closed House of 1000 Corpses – 5 min Killer Klowns From Outer Space – 5 min Nightingales: Blood Pit – Closed Stranger Things – 90 min Universal Monsters – 10 min Us – 25 min Yeti – 5 min 6:15 PM Depths of Fear – 5 min Ghostbusters – 60 min Graveyard – 10 min House of 1000 Corpses – 5 min Killer Klowns From Outer Space – 5 min Nightingales: Blood Pit – Closed Stranger Things – 90 min Universal Monsters – 10 min Us – 30 min Yeti – 5 min
  2. Anticipation ranking: 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. Afterlife: Death's Vengeance 3. HAVOC: Derailed 4. La Llarona 5. American Werewolf in London 6. Resident Evil 7. Evil Dead 8. Walking Dead Current ranking (Opening night and 9/26): 1. Cabin in the Woods 2. American Werewolf in London (tied for 1st) 3. HAVOC: Derailed 4. Evil Dead 5. Afterlife: Death's Vengeance 6. Resident Evil 7. La Llorona 8. The Walking Dead
  3. It's hard to point out specific people with this year because there's a lot of really good scareacting going on, but here's some brief props: - Cabin in the Woods: Seriously the whole house. Everyone in the last 3 scenes have gotten me every single night and I love it. I believe this was in this house, but on opening night, there was a scareactor quoting Revenge of the Mummy to itimidate guests and it was hilarious. Props to whoever that was. - The chainsaw scarezone: I loved the megaphone itimidation last night. Stuff like that always ups the intensity and can be pretty funny. - Havoc: Maybe I've gotten lucky, but both times I went through this house last night (once right at opening with absolutely no one around me), the actors were insane. They were extremely in-your-face and had some super quick and impressive scares. Specifically, there was one actor on my second walkthrough who leaped to the front of the cage and got his hand as close to the girl in front of me's face as possible within less than a second. It was seriously one of the most impressive scares I've seen in a while. The energy has made the house one of my new favorites for the year thus far. - Evil Dead: Another house with some great casts. The closing cast last night really brought it and the people behind me got some great scares. I was really disappointed with this house on opening night, but I can't get enough of it now. The girl under the basement door really knows how to play the creepy role well.
  4. Just a few more worthy mentions from Opening Weekend: P&T - LED room guy got me good and I was staring right at him debating whether or not someone was there. Your flashlight attendant nearby was laughing pretty hard at the scare. It was some time around 6:30 on opening night. Got a pretty decent scare out of Elvis and two-headed divorced couple in that same walkthrough. Gothic - Stilts character got me really good in my run around 8 PM on opening night. TWD - No one specific, but opening crew were on point both nights despite the sunlight coming through. Still had a lot of scares thanks to your efforts. Alice Cooper - The insane patient by the AC eyes on the wall was awesome (both crews, all 4 walkthroughs). Streets - Grim Reaper: Thanks for randomly sitting next to me and staring me down last night in the Hollywood area sometime around 9 PM last night. Quite a funny, unexpected, and unique moment! Warriors: Props to the warrior who was without a spear, but still took advantage of the streets and constantly rushed around people on all fours. You were very entertaining and got quite a few scares during my time in the zone.
  5. Just wanted to let you know that you were awesome last night and one of the fun ones to watch mess with people in your legion. I tried to tell you that last night when you did your whole twitch routine towards me, but I wanted to make sure you knew.
  6. I'm sure it'll change throughout the event, but I caught them a lot yesterday in the streets ranging from World Expo to Hollywood. They were constantly down that area.
  7. I actually enjoyed watching the Warriors for a bit last night. The whole freezing and then dispersing into the crowd was awesome to watch and some of them were really into it, going to lengths such as crawling on the ground which seemed to get a quite a few people. I'd only expect this group to get better with time.
  8. Definitely have to agree. Some of them really have the insane part down pat (Ex: "Twitch"). Even the ones who don't try to act insane were extremely witty last night and had some crazy scares going on. At one point, I saw one of them chase a girl into Mel's only to stand at door calling her out until her friend dragged her out. It was hilarious! I love the fact that they're mocking screaming guests and just flat out calling people out for fun. I know I was called "Chainsaw stalker" and "Princess" last night, by two separate scareactors. I spent quite a bit of time in the streets last night and this ended up being one of the three hordes I spent a lot of time watching. Thanks for the entertainment and scares!
  9. I mentioned it in the Scareactor Appreciation thread, but everyone in this zone is awesome. Their interaction was completely unexpected, but really entertaining. Some examples include: - Pumpkinhead sitting down next to a guest and talking to her in character - The trick-or-treater in the fox mask squeaking her horn in another trick or treaters mask ear. - Pumpkinhead "scaring" the same trick-or-treater and her acting scared and running away Not only that, but they managed to mix some good scares in with the entertainment. A way better legion than I expected.
  10. Giant shoutout to everyone in the streets this year. The actors were insane! The closing cast for the Tranditionals who were out in front of the Simpsons were awesome and really fun to watch. The two scareactors who really deserve a shoutout is the Pumpkinhead who, first, scared me out of my seat and then went straight to casually sit next to a guest which ended up being pretty funny. Secondly, the trick-or-treater with the fox mask who asked everyone for candy. She was insanely energetic and hilarious to talk to. One of my favorite scareactors of the whole event. The female chainsaws were also extremely on-point throughout the night and deserve a shoutout.
  11. How in the world do IP houses have any effect on how the streets are done?
  12. You guys realize there are a bunch of reviews and positive aspects of the event in the Reviews thread, right?
  13. From what I saw posted on Twitter last night, yes, it was.
  14. There have been quite a few reasons already given. Firstly, "not enough actors in the streets" is a big one in its own. As for some more: - The lighting: Everyone review I've read has called out how dark the streets are - The pathways: "This year, there is ONLY ONE PATHWAY... what do i mean? I mean if you want to go to NY, Hollywood, Kidzone, World Expo... you have to go ALL THE WAY AROUND. The entire center of the park is walled off/barricaded. No Shrek Alley. No South Street along the Production Central side of the lagoon. No more quick bypasses to the soundstages or Disaster." - Terribly disorganized - Warriors costumes are awful - "It was often difficult to separate actual crowd from scareactor" - Streets are too spread out No one is saying that the event has no way of improving and that this is the worst event year ever. People are just giving their valid opinions on what they experienced last night. No one has a vendetta against Universal for trying something different. They just aren't impressed with the way it was pulled off. I will not be attending until opening night and these reviews aren't swaying my anticipation much and I still have very high hopes for this year's event, but I certainly don't understand the need to undermine them.
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