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  1. We are allowed entry as early as 5 pm, and the event officially begins at 7 pm. Is there anything special at the gates at 7 pm we should be aware of?
  2. Probably a silly question...but are there areas to get beer once we have left the lounge? It's a long night! haha We should probably renew our passes before we buy these...is the discount pretty good for pass holders or just like 10%
  3. I know, I am too jealous of what Orlando offers for this. October is such an odd time to visit FL though haha! Someday...
  4. I think we've decided on the RIP tour, just based on $$. If we did the basic Express option it would be $378 for our entry, $50 for front gate parking or $65 for valet, and we would probably spend about $80-$100 on dinner, drinks, and tip anyway if we went to CityWalk (which is where we dine when visiting Universal anyway). So our total cost would be between $508 and $543. The RIP tour is $698 for both of us, so that's a difference of $155-$190...at that point it kind of seems worth it to do the RIP, especially since, as you mentioned, it's our first time.
  5. Yes, you nailed our type here. That's really too bad that they don't offer this in Hollywood...we are more into behind-the-scene set-ups, makeup demonstrations, SFX etc. We throw a Halloween party every year and completely transform the interior of our house, so we were hoping to get some great ideas and maybe some tips to make it even better. That's great to know! I am not seeing a standalone ULTIMATE Express option on the Hollywood website, only the basic Express Pass. We are going this Sunday and the price difference between the Express (1 entry to each maze/ride) and the RIP tour is $160 pp. So the props from the show sound really awesome, but I can't say that we are "lovers" of Stranger Things...we don't have a lot of time to watch TV series and we haven't started the second season. Thank you so much for all of the detailed information, you answered my concerns very thoroughly. Now, I just need to go over it with my husband and make a choice
  6. Hi everyone, my husband and I will be attending HHN for the first time ever and are interested in the RIP tour. We don't like rushing around to get anywhere or waiting in lines, and we love guided tours. What can you tell me about THIS year's tour in Hollywood? I am not as concerned about how it compares to past years because I personally do not have that comparison...ignorance is bliss! haha. So I'm oping those of you who did the tour this year will have some good feedback. I understand that it depends on the guide as to how detailed the background information could be, etc. Can anyone elaborate on this? Why aren't all guides trained on this? Thank you!
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