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  1. Yeah, meant HHN 2018. Sorry for the confusion. I got ya. I know they limit it to one drink per guest per transaction but I think they’ve removed the two drink limit that they had in place last year. The pre mixed drinks are usually total garbage. I’ll probably have a beer or 3 and call it an evening.
  2. For anybody interested, I asked about this over the phone and it appears there are full bars in the Springfield area and bottled beer available at most concession stands.
  3. I gotcha. My mom really enjoys the tour part, me not so much. I’m just in it for the unlimited express and buffet LOL
  4. Can't wait for RIP this year. The Stranger Things stuff seems really cool. I just hope we have enough time before and after to utilize the unlimited Express passes like last year.
  5. Anybody that has been, have they increased the availability of frosty adult beverages this year? I know last year it was a two drink limit and only beer at Duff's. I read a review somewhere that said beer is available at the food stands around the park and mixed drinks are available at Chez Alcatraz and one other bar. Any validity to this?
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