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  1. Here's the thing about the comments you're seeing: The negative comments are mainly coming from members of the fan page who don't actively participate. They go to HHN for a night, after it ends, they forget about it. The more dedicated horror-crazed fans who participate year round, us, are freaking STOKED about The Thing! Just ignore the one timers. Besides, I believe the naysayers will be convinced otherwise when the time comes. ;D
  2. I have him on Facebook. He seems pretty pleased!
  3. Also, this maze is going to be fucking gross. I just know it. And I'm excited for it. <3 The Thing is a movie that genuinely grosses me out due to awesome 80s puppetry and special effects and how grotesque each of the thing's forms are. Since the makers of the prequel stated they will also be using good ol' trusty puppetry and special effects, I think this maze may genuinely scare me due to it's atmosphere.
  4. Read it and weep (I recommend you CHEER!) I knew it would come! <3 The Thing is coming to Universal! I CAN'T WAIT!!
  5. Freak

    Love your new sig! LOL

  6. Exactly why I stated I'll rely on the scareactors to make it good!
  7. YEESH, I hope it was good. And yeah, it's supposed to be corny and have that sense of black comedy. But it was so bad, I simply could not enjoy it. I spit on that movie. Ptooey!
  8. Ugh, I hated that movie. It was so... BAD! That's a movie I genuinely would not mind getting a remake. It's that bad. If it's at Halloween Horror Nights next year, let the scareactors step their game way up because that movie could not even make me crack a smile or a cringe. I was blank-faced the entire time. .__.; I swear if that abomination of a movie makes it to HHN, I will wholly rely on the scareactors to make it enjoyable. And I hope they rock it! I don't want to be asked, "Hey Anu, how did you like the Killer Klowns from Outer Space maze/scarezone?" and reply with basically, BAH! Excuse my hyperactivity, I just had some delicious pancakes and my body is thanking me for them.
  9. You know what, a part of me wants KK360 to return (though I still stand by it not being worth the wait) to eat up lines because let's be honest: HHN is crazy crowded. Great for Universal's revenue, bad for guests who want to do everything! I liked that KK360 was basically filler for HHN and ate up a good amount of guests for awhile. But then there's JP's beautiful and spacious queue which is undoubtedly maze potential- which KK360 utilized. You know, even if a maze was used in JP's overlay, where would the potential maze's queue go? Would it be the main queue used for Jurassic park? I wouldn't want Jurassic park to be sacrificed, especially with the potential it has to be customized for Halloween Horror Nights. About KK360, I want it to reappear again as filler at HHN. But I'd also like Jurassic Park AND a 6th maze at it's queue.. Bear with me on this one, but what if the queue for Waterworld was utilized for KK360..? It's an odd idea, but guests could be picked up by the tram at an area by Gibson's if there is a way safe for guests to travel from the queue to an area accessible by tram without the guests having to endure a seriously long walk. It'd be a bit of an extended ride on the tram, but the Terror Tram isn't exactly a short ride before you get off.
  10. *CLAPS FRANTICALLY!* #Team DTH316 becoming a part of Mr. Murdy's creative team!
  11. Phew, so it is outdated information. But what of Mr. Murdy's own words?
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