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  1. Im just curious to know how many times others have gone to horror nights with the frequent fear pass
  2. Is this forum still active? I have the frequent fear pass. Planning to go for a few hours tonight 9/19. Not sure if anyone is planning to go today.
  3. Yea I can imagine the lines getting longer today and tomorrow. But ill see how it goes. Has anyone made plans to go today?
  4. I see it seems more convenient that way. When are you planning to go again?
  5. Yea, parking is usually the issue. I typically us a mixture of public transport/uber. Still comes out cheaper than parking. What pass did you end up purchasing?
  6. WIsh I would have stumbled upon this forum much sooner. I have the September multinight pass for HHN Hollywood. I was wondering if anyone is planning to go today 9/27 or any day through 9/30. I am hoping to squeeze in a day or two before my pass expires.
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