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  1. Honestly, I think that my idea would work better as a television series rather than a movie, since each episode could be based around a different fairy tale.
  2. Does anybody wish that Universal adapted the Scary Tales franchise into an actual movie series? Here is my idea for the plot of Once Upon A Nightmare if it was a film: "Bored and tired of losing to her stepdaughter, the Evil Queen has hunted down Snow White, torn her heart straight out from her chest, and kept her corpse inside of her glass coffin. Becoming the supreme monarch of the Kingdom of Grimmerie after eating Snow White's heart, Her Majesty has rewritten the fairy tales of her kingdom with help from the Scribes of Blood Mary. Nobody lives happily ever after. Heroes are transformed into villains. Dreams become nightmares. Happy endings are now fabled tragedies. Prepare to have your warm, fuzzy, and fluffy childhood memories ruined as the darker sides of legendary characters are revealed in this disenchanted misadventure." Once Upon A Nightmare would be produced as a comedic horror-themed fantasy movie with plenty of macabre humor alongside the traditional bloodshed, guts, and violence. The cast members of Once Upon A Nightmare (in order of appearance) are the Evil Queen, the Huntsman, Snow White, Bloody Mary, the Scribes, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Cinderella's Stepmother, Cinderella's Stepsisters, Prince Charming, the Gingerbread Lady, Hansel, Gretel, Belle, the Beast, the Three Bears, Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, and Grandma.
  3. I just hope that HHN 30 decides to resurrect Scary Tales in one way or another since that's my favorite Universal franchise that the creators of the event has ever done in my honest opinion. If they don't have room, that's fine, but I still want to at least see a dark fantasy-themed attraction added to the Horror Nights lineup this year.
  4. Elphaba: Mistress of the Western Sky (Based on the Wicked Witch of the West from Path of the Wicked and Deadly Ever After) Once the ruler of Winkie Country, Elphaba Thropp has been banished from Oz and has now taken over the Land of the Fairies. With her emerald complexion and penchant for leather clothing, she is wicked through and through. Having disposed of Dorothy and corrupted her friends, her new hobby is screwing around with your childhood memories. Whether you've read the nursery poems of Mother Goose or the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, it's all documented within her Storybook of Shadows. The Storybook acts as an enchanted gateway into Elphaba's imagination. By entering its pages, readers are transported into a realm of fairy tales and nursery rhymes gone wrong.
  5. Submit your ideas for HHN icons. They can be your own characters or villains from pop culture. Feel free to get creative!
  6. Von Bone (Hatbox Ghost): Von Bone was once an affluent figure, in life. Sadly, his life was also in France during the revolution, so it ended with the guillotine. Now Von Bone wanders the streets, headless, though still fairly jovial. He carries a box - and the box can drop his decayed head, something of a bungee gag. The Galactic Tyrant (Darth Vader): Galactic Tyrant has it rough. He was told he could be a legendary hero, but the other knights scoffed. As he worked his way up the ranks, he made a deal with a vizier to ensure the safety of the galaxy - only for the vizier to kill the king, destroy the other knights, take over the galaxy with an iron fist, and turn Galactic Tyrant into the slave and political figurehead he is today. Tyrant takes a lot of Vader's scarier traits, and takes them to an extreme - you can see his rotten flesh in the tears of the costume, his goggles, respirator, and picklehaub are fused to his flesh, his limbs are robotic, and he carries a rusted chainsaw sword. Also, his breathing is grosser, like someone with a lot of mucus in their respirator. Yeti (Expedition Everest Yeti): It's a yeti. I'm only including the Yeti due to the stories that the old Yeti animatronic at Expedition Everest actually DAMAGED the ride while it was running. As such, the Yeti carries a piece of steel from a roller coaster's supports. Great idea! However, a useful note: Belle and Peter Pan (Beastess and Lost Leader) are public domain. The other characters that are parodied are copyrighted.
  7. Would a Shakespeare attraction be too much to ask for? Maybe a zombie Ophelia or Juliet killing Romeo with her father's dagger?
  8. I wish Hollywood had a Scary Tales attraction. Singapore had one for their Horror Nights in 2014, so why not Hollywood? It just doesn't make sense.
  9. Just an observation that I saw in YouTube videos of the attraction.
  10. Fun fact: In Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After, I noticed that Goldilocks is modeled after Rhoda from The Bad Seed.
  11. The Grimm Kingdom (Disney parody) Journey to a magical land where fairy tales are written in blood and there is no happily ever after. The Evil Queen, the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, and other villains have taken over their respective stories as the new authors, rewriting the rules of the storybook realm. Come face-to-face with the nightmare behind the nostalgia as you encounter twisted princesses, beastly Lost Boys, charmless princes, and other Grimm characters. In order to survive this Magic Kingdom, you don't just need faith, trust, and fairy dust. You need to know how far you'll go to find your happy ending.
  12. Some of the scenes in Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After do sound too controversial to photograph. For example: The Goldilocks scene could double as animal cruelty, since the titular heroine is terrorizing a family of bears.
  13. Here's my concept for a Wonderland-themed scare zone. Based on: Asylum in Wonderland and Fractured Tales Gothic Wonderland "Curiouser and curiouser!" Step through Lewis Carroll's Looking Glass and discover the aftermath of what happened when two worlds collided. The realms of Mother Goose and Wonderland have become fused together thanks to Bloody Mary, resulting in familiar characters becoming creepier and crazier than ever before. Now corrupt and crazed with hunger, the denizens of Wonderland will stop at nothing to mess with your head. Location: Plaza of the Stars Scenery: Rose garden, where the Hatter's mad tea party is taking place. Decorating the area are red and white chess pieces, giant mushrooms, and broken mirrors. Characters Queen of Hearts: A regal dominatrix, carrying a riding crop and a bloodstained scepter/hatchet hybrid weapon, with heat designs on her outfit. On occasion, she carries the heads of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Mad Hatter: Remember the tea addict from the book? Here, he's a vain madman who forces his victims to attend his tea parties. Those who don't mind their manners are forever seated at his table, either ending up as permanent guests or the main course. March Hare: A grotesque humanoid hare, with bloodshot eyes and a vest made of human faces. He wears a monocle, spouting nonsense to curious guests. Peter Pumpkin Eater: Peter had a wife and couldn't keep her, so he chopped the poor woman up and locked her body parts in his prized pumpkin. He is a ravenous Scottish warrior with orange dreadlocks, scantily clothed in a pumpkin-colored jacket and Halloween-themed boxer shorts. Miss Muffet: Having become one with the spiders, Miss Muffet is an eight-armed freak who loves the taste of curds and whey, but prefers the blood of firstborn children. She dresses in the style of a Colonial housewife, but with spiders crawling all over her dress and with spider bites on her body. Alice: No longer the paragon of innocence, this Alice has grown up into a Goth girl with attitude. She wears a dark blue dress and a striped pinafore, with short blonde hair (she MUST be played by a natural blonde), and makeup that gives her the appearance of a youthful zombie. Little Bo Peep: Bo Peep is a naughty shepherdess who likes to play with her food. She carries the limbs and entrails of her sheep on her shepherd's crook, cursing at anybody who crosses her path or threatening to devour their children. White Knight: The spirit of an elderly knight who lost his battle with the Jabberwock, the White Knight is an elderly man in white armor and has a bloodstained sword sticking out from his chest. Cheshire Cat: Everybody's favorite Wonderland character is no longer fluffy and playful. Now a humanoid tiger with green eyes and a body that glows in the dark, the Cheshire Cat stalks his prey in an attempt to get inside their heads and drive them mad. Mother Goose: A pregnant Victorian woman with the head and wings of a goose, carrying a basket of golden eggs. Duchess: The Duchess is a plus-sized ogress who cradles a baby pig in her arms and sneezes in the faces of guests, often telling them not to wake her child or else she'll kill them. White Queen: The paramour of the White Knight, the White Queen was a benevolent woman. Though she was loved by her subjects, she was poisoned by the Red Queen out of jealously She is a middle-aged woman dressed in white Edwardian clothing, with light blonde hair and a bloody pin in her face. Red Queen: The White Queen's rival, the Red Queen is short-tempered and fast as lightning. She is dressed in a red medieval gown and carries the head of the Unicorn, who was the Hatter's friend. Knave of Hearts: No longer stealing tarts, the Knave now collects the hearts of subjects that dare to defy his Queen. He is dressed like Ezio from Assassin's Creed, except his outfit is in shades of pink, black, and red. Card Guards: The soldiers of the Queen of Hearts, the Card Guards are a group of bodyguards whose outfits are based on playing cards. They only consist of Hearts, since the Queen of Hearts beheaded the other monarchs. Soundtrack Finding Alice by Marc Jungerman Steampunk Revolution (Instrumental) by Abney Park Through the Looking Glass by Marc Jungermann Tea Party by Kerli
  14. Here are some storybook-themed scare zone ideas that I have. The concepts were largely inspired by Universal's Scary Tales franchise and their fairytale-themed attractions from 2008. Deadly Ever After "You are not in Kansas anymore, my dear." Sep into the Wicked Witch's storybook and discover the dark side of classic fairy tales, where heroes have turned into villains and the villains themselves have grown worse. In these twisted tales, the endings are not cute or happy anymore. Location: Central Park Scenery: Haunted forest with pumpkins, hay bales, and posters depicting illustrations of the characters who lurk within this area. Characters Three Pigs Big Bad Wolf Peter Pan Captain Hook Headless Horseman Tinker Bell Red Riding Hood Hansel and Gretel Blue Fairy Pinocchio Wicked Witch of the West Dorothy Gale Scarecrow Tin Woodman Cowardly Lion Goldilocks Three Bears Pied Piper Soundtrack Lamia's Doll by Ilan Eshkeri Labyrinth of Dreams by Nox Arcana Fairy Tale by Nox Arcana Shooting Star by Ilan Eshkeri Darkly Everafter by Nox Arcana Once Upon A Nightmare "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" Not all princesses get a happy ending. In this Grimm fairy tale, the Evil Queen has poisoned the heroines of the Magic Kingdom with deadly fruits of temptation. Instead of beauty and innocence, your favorite princesses have been transformed into wicked mistresses of murder, malice, and mayhem. Location: Shrek Alley Scenery: Evil Queen's castle, with props relating to each princess's story (Poisoned apple, spinning wheel, enchanted rose, etc.) Characters Cinderella Stepmother Prince Charming Little Mermaid Sea Witch Frog Prince Rapunzel Snow White Huntsman Evil Queen Belle Beast Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack Music from Snow White and the Huntsman
  15. In Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After, does anybody know the soundtracks that played in the Goldilocks and Little Mermaid portions of the attraction?
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