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  1. OK so it seems like we might be getting something similar to the warring tribes.....kind of... This is at least different. Have to pay attention to street construction, saw pics of what looks like a cemetery. Maybe this would be a home base or major scarezone for the Vampires...... I'm thinking it might work this way. Major Scarezones themed and owned by a tribe. As you transition there is “nowhere to escape" because there is warring/ fighting between the tribes, between the Major Scarezones in these minor scarezone/ transitional areas. This is where they fight each other fight over us, this is where you can get ambushed, and you don’t know what by. You’re looking for Vampires because you left their zone, but you get attacked by a beast, that in turn gets attacked by a Vamp. If this is how it works I’m perking up a bit..... Also, instead of an Icon, sounds like we have a group, or clan of evil beings "The Iniquitus" which means the Evil or the wicked, the Vile etc..... Are they responsible for the entire event? They bring the dead to life; they create creatures from our nightmares and fears. This theory could extend from the Legions through to the houses also....why couldn’t they have created those for our torment? Wonder if we will get to see them in the event?
  2. Just read an artical on Huffington Post about this house. According to Teller there is an opportunity in this house for guests to take part in the fun and scare other guests.....sounds very interesting. Also it was said that Penn and Teller will be dropping by quite a few times and randomly popping up in the house to scare guests INPERSON..now that sounds cool.
  3. Now for us that are just a tad bit on the older side.....Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Kiss....These guys were the first real big Supernatural/Horror type inspired ROCK. I know there are plenty of people out there who Love the Idea of a Rob Zombie, Slipknot , Lordi, or even a Gwar etc, type house. These guys would admit that without Alice. Ozzy,Kiss, there probably wouldn’t be the type of Music you youngins see as scary or hard core or worthy of a haunted house. Give it a chance; let’s see what Orlando A&D can do with an old school maybe even b-movie type 70's horror house. Remember some of your best Horror franchises started in the late 70's early 80's. I'm actually excited to see what they do. Supposedly it’s going to be Alice Copper Goes to Hell in 3D....that sound pretty 70's 80's Rocker/Classic Horror to me...
  4. There is no way Penn and Teller will have a show at HHN. I'm a huge fan and would love this, but seriously doubt it. To be totally honest I am way more excited to see what they can bring to a house. Depending on how close they worked with A&D I can’t imagine how nuts this house could be. These guys could bring us the best effects any house has ever seen. Their whole life is sleight of hand and practical effects....I can’t wait, it could be totally different from anything else we have seen before. This is the one House that really seems like it has the potential to be something no one else has. This could be a break through type house.....or a bomb lol.....but I have high hopes
  5. Wow checked the sites like crazy looking for anything......the big update so far? Wait for it........the Hollywood page is now in place holder mode yippee.....Seriously? Seriously? It’s kind of irresponsible to your fans to tease like that, and then......NOTHING. Not impressed.
  6. Uggg Freaking out...I want my Express Pass LOL when do we think those will go on sale?
  7. OK, so I'm guessing that they never actually started building a house in 44. The other buildings are only a few weeks ahead of the 44 build-out. Is the following possible? 1) everyone who would be working on 44 is helping bust out the other 6 houses. 2) 44 gets demo'ed this week, leveled and ready to use next week. 3) construction starts on vacant lot 44 ASAP 4) Because the other house's have had so extra help, they are ahead of schedule, and this allows all the 44 crew and some extras to hop over to vacant lot 44 and get caught up? Are there any areas that can be used at IOA, that abutt the sound stage area?
  8. Well that was a great way to get me to further buy into my Phantom idea.
  9. OK, I'm taking early credit right now for getting the Dr Pepper Clue/ American Werewolf in London correct.....LOL So here is my current best guess list on houses. Walking Dead American Werewolf in London Hunchback of Notre Dame Phantom of the Opera The Shining Possibly an Alice Cooper House Not sure how Penn and Teller fit in but if they are the last house.....dual run could be cool. Penns version vs Tellers version I feel pretty good about half of this list so far.
  10. Yeah just came on here to check out what you all were saying because I saw no VIP/Express pass and almost blew a headgasket......I called and was told that the people in the ticketing office dont even have all the info that is online yet. The girl kinda laughed and said yeah...we know nothing yet....we just found out about the update minsutes before hand, and have no info......she said that they are all asking the same questions and have no answers yet, but she said to just wait a few days, maybe it will update. Frustrating lol I want my tickets ........
  11. Dr. Jimmy.....this could be a stretch but, is Dr. Pepper referring to an American Werewolf in London?
  12. While I did really enjoy HHN at IOA, and would love to see it back there again at somepoint, I dont see it happening this year. IOA still gets a big draw from Potter, and even Spiderman ( update should be done by then too). That park will be busy without HHN in it. Studios on the other hand with Amity all torn up, and only Simpsons as a new draw makes sence to try and fill with HHNers. I think you have to try and put bodies where they are less likely to be without the HHN event. Honestly, I cant see HHN moving back to IOA untill after Potter Phase 2, a new E ticket type attraction is built at Studios, or they create such a compelling story that needs the different landscapes IOA provides. I am also excited and worried at the same time thinking about how they will run the event in the future if the parks are connected via the Hogwarts Express /Potterverse Phase 2.
  13. I just went back and found this on the original speculation page.......maybe I wasnt too far off after all......Maybe it is JMR....but with the lantern Posted 23 June 2010 - 02:22 PM I am very intrigued and excited about what shadowlurker has suggested. As anyone who has read any of my prior posts would know..I trueley dislike the idea of reunion years and or rehashed/re-imagined houses. This does make me go back and rethink the one clue we think is true...."arts and crafts move"..... I do have my own theory of what this could be. Back at the old site many of us lurked on...years ago, I posted my own idea for a HHN theme. I thought it might be interesting if maybe all those "overlooked" or "unused" ideas that universal had thrown to the wayside came to life, and took over HHN. What if they took out their vengance for being created but never used. What if their scrap book/ scrap heap of left for dead arts and crafts got loose....or were set loose. I could never real come up with a good idea to bring it all together ie: how they came to life.....but hey I was up late that night and speculating what do you want ...right? Maybe Darkness could do it.....maybe a Voodoo Witch Doctor...Maybe a former employee with the intials JMR? lol Lets see what we can come up with by going back to the "arts and crafts move" clue..... .
  14. The info has been waaaaaaaaayyyyy to slow lately. I dont want to know everything,but it seems like things has come to a screeching halt. We need more pics on the lantern page...or maybe just update the behind the screams....something...anything...I'm losing my mind. A&D has finally found the scariest,worst possible torture to put us through.......They have created a new Icon and his name is ZERO.....and he makes sure that's what we get for info this year ...ZERO..... UHHHGGGGGG
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