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  1. Oh! It was my DAD and BROTHER who served, not me. I just do the vacation planning in the family, lol. Sorry for the mislead. Thank you very much and I'll let them know the appreciation. Universal and Disney offer extremely great offers for military families. I just wanted to let any other military folks out there know it is an option for them to have a discount.
  2. I bought ours from the Leisure Office at our closest military base. Military can purchase a limited amount for family members and they cost about $45 each. Pretty good deal. There is a couple of more extra steps to take at the gate to get them "activated" but it is not a hassle at all. They also offer a military discount for express passes and I got those as well.
  3. Hard Rock Resort. I've stayed at Royal Pacific during HHN before and it was also great. I absolutely love their special HHN room service. It is available until 4am and it sooo delicious. Nothing says fun like ordering haunted berries and fried bat wings when your drunk AF after a night of scares!
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