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  1. My younger sister just moved down to Florida to start a new job this past month. So thankful that she's able to get a flight back up tomorrow to sit this out here. I'm hoping anyone not as fortunate can take every step possible to stay safe. Here's hoping the Scare Zone props avoid damage from winds/flooding as well. I would imagine the houses will be fine, but the tent facades worry me a bit.
  2. 1. Nightingales: Blood Pit - I missed the first one, but the theme & costuming fascinated me from the moment I started following the event from home. It's a dream-come-true to be able to experience a newer, hopefully even more brutal group of 'gales in action. The setting is something pretty unprecedented as well. The history nerd in me loves that aspect of it to death. 2. Universal Classic Monsters - My dudes! Especially Phantom, Mummy, Creature, and the Invisible Man. Putting it in the Seeds parade building from last year makes me a little nervous for the sets, but I still think it could pull off some great things. 3. Depths of Fear - The tent houses really interest me this year. Expecting more of a SOMA vibe than a Bioshock vibe, and I'm super cool with that. 4. Us - Really interested to see the Vision Quest funhouse, possibly nega-Tim Heidecker in his fancy home, and of course, for the music. <3 5. Stranger Things 2&3 - All depends on how the Mind Flayer is conveyed. Based on the giant puppet rumors, I'm intrigued. 6. House of 1000 Corpses - If we get a "Run rabbit, run!" line from Otis/Bill Mosely-lookalike, I will yell "Dog will hunt!" back at him. Also, the setpieces should be really fun, this movie's full of 'em. Fishboy confirmed makes me super happy. 7. Ghostbusters - I know it's the creative team's passion project, so I can see this being absolutely breathtaking. I'm most excited for the NY Public Library section, as I work full time in an absolutely beautiful historic library further upstate. But Stay Puft has me hyped too. 8. Yeti: Terror of the Yukon - Hoping for a super aggressive cast and cool setpieces. Carnival Graveyard really underwhelmed me in this location last year, so this could go either way... 9. Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Although at 9, I'm still very much anticipating this house. I think I dropped it a bit in my list because the press release for Hollywood specifically mentioned Mooney, the cop-turned-puppet, and Orlando's left him out. So I'm nervous that the freakiest scene in the film (and one I felt would translate best to a house) might not be included. So this is a wildcard until we know exactly what's inside. Cotton candy cocoon scares could be great though! 10. Graveyard Games - This could move way up since I do dig the Louisiana graveyard setting, but it could also go the super-generic route. I get why people are getting hyped for the interactive social media gimmick, that's just not my thing. For the Scarezones: 1. Vanity Ball - I like my scare zones how I like my women: Classy & homicidal in disturbing ways. 2. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe - A lot of cool setpieces here, plus the Living Dead Girl video stage is probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari have any presence at HHN. 3. Anarch-Cade - I'm a sucker for neon and I think the chainsaws will fit well in this area. Hoping some actors take the time to sneak up on folks in the Killer Klowns queue like last year's did near the H4 one. 4. Vikings Undead - Weird direction to go in with the zombies thing, but much better than getting White Walkers this year tbh. The props & decor are hyping me up for this though. 5. Zombieland - Should still be a really fun zone. The cast lookalikes should be cool, though I don't know what else to really look forward to seeing there.
  3. I can only partly understand why there's so much vehement, yet lukewarm disdain for Us as a film; but I'll count myself lucky that it was the most fun I've had watching a horror movie in a long time and I'm very excited that it will have a house this year. There are scenes right out of the gate in that movie that I'll be elated to walk through. Was Tooth Fairy one of the originals I was most interested in? Yes. Does that mean it's replacement is automatically deserving of my scorn? Absolutely not. If we all made it through Blumhouse 2: The Blumin' Onion last year, I think y'all will survive 1 house you're not excited for this year too.
  4. I'd mentioned it earlier in the thread, but I would be stoked if Graveyard: H&S wound up being a continuation of Twisted Tradition's themes & pumpkin creatures. Have it take place in some cemetary near the church property from last year's SZ. Not a likely occurance, but I dig when original SZs are expanded upon.
  5. God, Mike Flanagan directs some pretty-looking horror movies! His Gerald's Game adaptation made me very happy. Interesting that this trailer splices in Kubrick's Shining as it's backstory, given Uncle Stevie's feelings on that film... Duma Key is still my dream adaptation. My personal favorite novel of his (tied with The Stand). Relevant part of the post: Think I'm going to book my stay for a couple of extra days this year, Oct 24th right through til closing night. Hoping I can swing the costs!
  6. That would definitely destroy my budget for the trip so I'd have to cut my losses & stay home in NY, but I'd understand if that's the direction things move in.
  7. SOMA plus The Abyss/Leviathan plus Dead Space? Take me to the river, wash me in the water!
  8. Where's my Party Down house? With zombie Adam Scott popping out & asking me if I'm having fun yet?
  9. Y'know, if the website's reveal board is any indicator, an Usher-hosted mashup house like his first one would kinda fit the bill as our "6th" IP house while still having some original content as a wraparound too...
  10. This is really going to be the make-or-break for this house, in my eyes. Season 2's big horror takeaway is the Mindflayer; the fear, both in sheer scope/size and psychologically when it possesses Will, needs to be conveyed well to sell this house to me. Imagine Stranger Things being big & coming to HHN back when Twister was still active. The indoor tornado with a custom Mindflayer backdrop would have made for some fun imagery!
  11. I mean they clearly won't be able to resist re-using the Lion from Scary Tales for a scene in this, right? <3
  12. The first Nightingales maze has been something I've admired vicariously since my dreams of coming to the event began. I'm so stoked to get a chance to see them in person!
  13. One of my favorite Bob's episodes <3 Umm, Dollhouse of the Damned sequel or Tourist Trap IP house? Or something on a beach/pier?
  14. HHN 2019 is beginning to turn out just like my dating life... >.<
  15. I just assume every hint points towards a mashup house of true IP juggernauts Carnosaur, The Crawling Hand, Chopping Mall, Jack Frost 2, and Trapped Ashes. It usually fits. :p
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