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  1. I can only partly understand why there's so much vehement, yet lukewarm disdain for Us as a film; but I'll count myself lucky that it was the most fun I've had watching a horror movie in a long time and I'm very excited that it will have a house this year. There are scenes right out of the gate in that movie that I'll be elated to walk through. Was Tooth Fairy one of the originals I was most interested in? Yes. Does that mean it's replacement is automatically deserving of my scorn? Absolutely not. If we all made it through Blumhouse 2: The Blumin' Onion last year, I think y'all will survive 1 house you're not excited for this year too.
  2. I'd mentioned it earlier in the thread, but I would be stoked if Graveyard: H&S wound up being a continuation of Twisted Tradition's themes & pumpkin creatures. Have it take place in some cemetary near the church property from last year's SZ. Not a likely occurance, but I dig when original SZs are expanded upon.
  3. God, Mike Flanagan directs some pretty-looking horror movies! His Gerald's Game adaptation made me very happy. Interesting that this trailer splices in Kubrick's Shining as it's backstory, given Uncle Stevie's feelings on that film... Duma Key is still my dream adaptation. My personal favorite novel of his (tied with The Stand). Relevant part of the post: Think I'm going to book my stay for a couple of extra days this year, Oct 24th right through til closing night. Hoping I can swing the costs!
  4. That would definitely destroy my budget for the trip so I'd have to cut my losses & stay home in NY, but I'd understand if that's the direction things move in.
  5. SOMA plus The Abyss/Leviathan plus Dead Space? Take me to the river, wash me in the water!
  6. Where's my Party Down house? With zombie Adam Scott popping out & asking me if I'm having fun yet?
  7. Y'know, if the website's reveal board is any indicator, an Usher-hosted mashup house like his first one would kinda fit the bill as our "6th" IP house while still having some original content as a wraparound too...
  8. This is really going to be the make-or-break for this house, in my eyes. Season 2's big horror takeaway is the Mindflayer; the fear, both in sheer scope/size and psychologically when it possesses Will, needs to be conveyed well to sell this house to me. Imagine Stranger Things being big & coming to HHN back when Twister was still active. The indoor tornado with a custom Mindflayer backdrop would have made for some fun imagery!
  9. I mean they clearly won't be able to resist re-using the Lion from Scary Tales for a scene in this, right? <3
  10. The first Nightingales maze has been something I've admired vicariously since my dreams of coming to the event began. I'm so stoked to get a chance to see them in person!
  11. One of my favorite Bob's episodes <3 Umm, Dollhouse of the Damned sequel or Tourist Trap IP house? Or something on a beach/pier?
  12. HHN 2019 is beginning to turn out just like my dating life... >.<
  13. I just assume every hint points towards a mashup house of true IP juggernauts Carnosaur, The Crawling Hand, Chopping Mall, Jack Frost 2, and Trapped Ashes. It usually fits. :p
  14. Did we not watch the same film? Members of the tethered went out of their way to kill people who got in their way; Umbrae did so once and a couple of random tethered had a scene where this happened as well (won't mention the specifics out of concern for those who haven't seen the movie yet). And I don't buy into the dismissal about casting either. Even if a Lupita-lookalike only has to appear once or twice during the maze, so much can be done with random tethered, which would make the impact of her & the family's emergence more impactful imo.
  15. Us definitely had enough material/scenery to sustain it's own house. I would feel like the cohesiveness of the source material is cheapened if combined with anything else.
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