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  1. Pretty much. It was canceled by a blogger from some dumb website who trashed the show to get attention. Universal made a much bigger deal about it than it really was and now here we are. For a state that never snows it sure is full of snowflakes. Bloody heck…..you people have no idea when to accept reality. I'm going to tell you three things that are going to really piss you off. 1. It is not happening. 2. It is not happening. 3. There are only two genders.
  2. I love how nobody knows what this maze could possibly be. I'm going to say it's either one of two properties. If the Conjuring has indeed been scrapped, I'm surprised no one has brought up It. That could be a big possibility and a good way to maker this as a King year. I'm still thinking this is the Conjuring. If they're pushing forward with a third movie, I doubt the whole lawsuit would be an issue. As for that facade, it's probably none of the houses we've seen in the movies. We never see the exterior of the Warren residence, so maybe Murdy is taking some creative liberty as to what it looks like. I think it would be great to start the house off with the Warren museum. But if Conjuring did get scrapped, it's probably It.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear the Conjuring has been scrapped. That was going to be my most-anticipated house. This sounds like AWiL/TCM all over again from 2012. I'm a little concerned how the Thing will turn out since this is a little late in the game for design. When that happened with AWiL/TCM, that was around June, I think. Hopefully this will turn out to be good.
  4. *Blows off the dust on my account.* Hey everyone! I'm back after a long slumber from the site. I don't think I've posted anything here since last HHN. It's been a while. Thought I would stop by again and post something. So yeah, the leaked line-up. Totally knew about this as I'm frequently on USHForums. I'm stoked for the Conjuring, the Shinning, and Evil Dead. Everything else to me is either, "we'll see how it is", to "That AGAIN? Really!?" I'm not really mad about Saw coming back as it's been seven years since we've last had it. I'm just not excited about it either. It better go in the Mummy venue and not the backlot because the Shinning needs as much space as it can get. I'm also not really thrilled abut Insidious coming back for a third time. It was great last year, but c'mon, do something else. I'm slightly disappointed with the "Blumhouse of Horrors" concept. It's not really a maze that anybody was super eager to get. If they're going to do a mash-up house, why not with Alfred Hitchcock? Why not the Classic Monsters? I know Murdy is doing this so he can do Sinister and Get Out without having to do full mazes on them, but a Hitchcock or Monster mash up would be far more interesting. I'm sure the facade is going to be as plain and bare bones as our AHS house from last year. Titans of Terror Tram does sound interesting. Maybe the Terror Tram will finally be amazing again. Last year was pretty good, but not quite amazing. Maybe they'll bring back the sheet maze since I first started going. Overall, I think this year will probably be really good despite the fact that I don't agree with all of the choices. Eh…..that could be the case. I feel like budget may be more of an issue. If HHN was too sensitive to "snowflake unapproved" haunts, I feel like they wouldn't do the Exorcist being that it has heavily religious themes.
  5. One small thing I would love to see is for all of the rooms in the houses to have ceilings. In Halloween, at least two-thirds of the rooms had ceilings in the "inside" portions and it REALLY enhanced the realism of the environments. It took me out of it a bit when TCM didn't have many rooms with ceilings.
  6. Well last night was more packed that I thought it would be. Everything was an hour wait around 9. I ended up getting two one-time use FoL passes that some random guest handed out. Well I will be back for my fifth and final night of HHN 2016. It's been a great year, and I can't wait to finish it with a bang!
  7. Well, I'm let to the speculation game already. Okay here's what I think we'l get: Pretty certain: -American Horror Story -Hellraiser -The Conjuring -Trick 'r Treat For wild card properties: -Scream -Resident Evil -The Thing
  8. It would be cool if they released the version of Mr Sandman in the ending of Halloween. I may try to make my own version of it as best I can and try to post it. It's just stretched with a lot of reverb.
  9. So word is out that the Wizarding World will be open on closing night (Nov. 5) as a test run for next year. If you want a ride in FJ between houses and a Butterbeer, then you'll be in luck.
  10. Other Escelator songs: -Holy Wars....the Pinishment Due - Megadeth -Stigmata - Ministry -Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden -Trapped Under Ice(?) - Metallica Also, does anyone know the name of the piece that plays while you're loading and unloading the Terror Tram?
  11. I just got back from my third round of HHN. I had an amazing run-through on TCM and Halloween. I actually got a couple of descent scares in AHS as well as Krampus. I saw John Murdy walking towards TCM as I was exiting. I looked at him almost wanting to say hi to him, but he looked like he didn't want to be bothered. For Terror Tram, after two failed attempts, I MANAGED TO GET INTO THE CLOWN'S MOUTH PORTION! YAAAY! I lucked out with the timing of crowd control and got to see the original path from opening weekend all the way through. That made me VERY happy. Didn't really get any scares in there, but I was still happy to finally see it. Also, my friend visiting from the UK got to see HHN and he really loved it! We went to daytime USH the day before and he got to see Potter and everything else. We did early entry and all of the houses once and left at 10 because of his jet lag and the bad lines. We were hoping to sneak in a ride on FJ when early entry just started, but unfortunately they were checking to see if you had an early entry wristband and shoo'ed off everyone who did. Look Uni, I know you're trying push the day/night combo, but c'mon. That's a crummy thing to do when you still have a half hour time window. Hopefully they'll just leave Potter open for HHN next year so they won't have to do that.
  12. Got to experience round two of HHN last night. In addition, I also got to use my behind the scenes tour I won at Midsummer Scream. I went through Texas with Chris Williams and he gave us a really good tour. What's cool is that my eleven year old sister got to go as her first time ever going to HHN. Considering we both started off with a BTS tour with Chris Williams and FoL privilege, I'd say she had an amazing first experience, wouldn't you? So I finally saw Jabawockeez and I liked it better than last year's show. It was nice that they incorporated a little narration and more humor in there. The laser effects were pretty cool. Still prefer Bill and Ted, but this show is adequately entertaining. I also finally did TWD during HHN and that was great. I got one really good scare from one of the walkers at the very end as I didn't think that would be used as a scare spot. Not worth an one and a half hour wait, but it was cool to experience it with extra performers. I got to do everything except TWD and TCM twice….well, we did the tour, so I guess that kinda counts as twice for TCM? We also got to do Krampus three times because they didn't scan our pass when we went through our second round with the pass. So we took advantage of that and went back for round three. The highlight of the night for me was having some tater tot nachos. Hot dang those were good. Definitely the best HHN treat for me. They tasted amazing but the after effects aren't pleasant which is why I gotta wrap this post up pretty soon. Oh, and I got to have the s'mores sandwich. It's good, but not quite as heavenly as it sounds. If I want to get a treat, I'll just get the Simpsons donut next time. So yeah, had a lot of fun last night. **Hits post and runs to the bathroom** If rumors are true and the Mummy is leaving after next Summer, I don't see the Exorcist coming back. They may retire that venue.
  13. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! That right there is what ruined Terror Tram for me. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I was allowed into going thru the original route into the clown mouth. The one time they actually tried to make it really good has been ruined by that. When that happened to me, there was just a small handful of people going into the original and then the attendant yelled at me to take the lame route. Look, I understand they're trying to disperse crowds. Forcing people would be understandable If one side was full, but when there's only five people walking quickly on the side side I want to go WAY ahead of me and the attendant makes me stop and take the crap path, that is total baloney sandwich. "Sir, both sides are the same." NO THEYRE FREAKING NOT LIAR!!!!!! "You have to go that way." There's no one around! Let me go where I wish to go! Having that experience pissed me off pretty bad. I hope they let you choose where you want to go pretty soon, at least when crowds are light.
  14. Finally went to HHN last night. Did early entry and managed to hit up Krampus, FVJ, and Halloween twice. Early entry was great except that the day light kinda ruined the effects for some of the houses. It was nice though to knock out 2/3s of the content by seven. Lines got pretty bad around eight since it was sold out night,but early entry helped to get everything done. Now here is my overall synopsis of the mazes (Keep in mind some spoilers are ahead if you're still worried about them). American Horror Story: Don't care about the show, but I understand how the show works. Sets were pretty cool and I liked the transitions with the video screen archways. The boo holes seemed to have the same problem with FDTD in 2014 in that you could see where the actors would pop out from a distance as soon as you entered the room. I didn't really get any great scares in here. Maybe next time I'll get a better run-through, but for now, it's the weakest house of the event for me. Not TiTE bad, but could be better. Again, sets were good and had some small jumps at least. Overall: C Krampus: I like how a lot of the rooms gave you the impression that you were inside of a house. There were some pretty good scares in here for me. Some scares you could easily see from the other end of the room which was annoying, but I at least liked some of the more unique scares in there like the snowman and the giant doll trying to scare you. Although not as bad as AHS, I didn't like that some of the scares you could see when entering the scene. Overall: B Freddy Vs. Jason: Too bad this didn't make it into 747, but I don't think it would have made a difference anyway. I think this house had the best set design in any of the houses and the best scares. There were some really cool FX in there like the disappearing wall that turned into the boiler room. The only thing I really didn't like about the house was how the "twisting" lighting effect that was used in TiTE and Krampus was used twice in here. I get that it's a good transition tool, but something better cold have been done. Well, aside from that, this was the best house of the event for me. Great scares, well-done sets, and cool effects. Oh, and I liked this better than Orlando's rendition last year. I just wished that they could've included the underwater scene from Orlando's. That was great. Overall: A The Exorcist: I knew that there was absolutely no way that this maze would meet the hype after all of the talk of this being Murdy's possible magnum opus. I mean, he's been wanting to do this for over a decade so there's no way it will fail, right? EP night reviews set my expectations low, but I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I could see why people would hate this since more than half the maze is all black walls. Although I usually hate the black walls, I'm willing go easy on that aspect since the whole point of it was to "feel demon possessed" and take inspiration from the banned trailer. The room where everything was moving everywhere had some neat effects. I liked it more than I thought I would. Pretty good. Overall: B Halloween: Hell Comes to Hattonfield: This is a close second for my favorite house. Got some great scares from Michael and the sets were great. I really felt like I was walking through the neighborhood and through the hospital. The ending was amazing. Don't have much else to say except that it was great. Overall: A Eli Roth Presents: Terror Tram: Every. Single. Year. The Terror Tram SUCKS. It sucked less last year, but before it was always bloody terrible. It felt like they weren't even trying. This year I thought it was actually….okay. I got one really good scare, but I feel like I would have liked it more if I had a more pleasant experience, which I'll get to soon. They actually changed things up, which I'm really happy to see. The containers helped to deliver more scares and allowed for a few props to make things feel different. Now for the rant: The alternate paths are helpful to disperse the crowds when it gets packed, but when I went, it was light. Would not have made much difference where you would go. What really pissed me off is that they FORCED me to take the lame extra path they set up with nothing there. I wanted to go inside the clown mouth, but the attendant wouldn't allow me to go in there even if there was only SIX PEOPLE GOING THROUGH AND I WAS BY MYSELF. C'mon. If there's no one around, you SHOULD be allowed to pick where you can go. That's so stupid. I appreciate how they changed this up, but that stupid experience ruined it for me. Overall: C The Walking Dead: Didn't bother. Line was too long. Just the same with more walkers anyway. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers: After the abysmal TCM: Saw is the Law in '12, I didn't have very high expectations. This was the underdog for me. The guy at the beginning was AWESOME. He really delivered it for his acting. The whole house was very tight-spaced and in-your-face, allowing for great scares. Sets were not bad either. I doubt this was as good as Back in Business (Which I never saw) but was way better than '12. Very good. Overall: B The Purge: Gauntlet of Fear: This was such a nice bonus for me when lines got too long. Scareactors were great and was really cool. The only thing is….what the heck is up with the Mummy props in there? Overall: B Jabawockeez: I'll see it on my return visit next week. Overall: I think this is my favorite event content wise. While there were a couple of things that were just good at best (TT and AHS), everything else was great. Very solid year. Oh, and I loved the mac and cheese bacon grilled cheese sandwich. Look forward to trying the tater tot nachos and the smores sandwich. I look forward to my future returns.
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