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  1. the way i see it is when people come from the UK to see harry potter they usally come for 2 weeks and want to see everything when i was 12 i came to see universal, seaworld, ioa, disny & all those things but with all the HHN adverts and stuff my mum took me to hhn to see what it was like we have always gone in october cause my mum never liked the heat of what summer sounded like so with most brittish parents letting there 12 year old watch these horror films i can see it being busy.
  2. i wouldent really kill her just pissed off i was saving it for a rainy day haha awell i dont think she can afford to replace it so i will need to
  3. over here most people start drinking alchol at the age of 14/ 15 but legal age is 18 i think it depends if you grow up with it or not
  4. Heres a rant because I am pissed off with my mom.... Well last night I walked down the stairs to get food to find my mom and her friend drinking my alchol :@ but thats not the end it was my bottle of £250 Cristal Champaign...... What would you do if this happend to you??
  5. i agree with this my mum knows loads of people going to see wwohp and personally i think this hhn is gna be really busy booking flight was a nightmare for me this year as every flight to orlando or sanford from glasgow was fully booked so i need to go to new york then orlando so i say it will be a really busy hhn
  6. I dissagree with this statement as on halloween this year i never saw one trick or treater and there is not one event related to halloween apart from what nightclubs do but the most we get is beat costum gets £50 or somthing only deceration seems to be like cotton kidding on its spider webbs dont know if thats just glasgow or all over the uk
  7. id be up for a meet up within the last 2 weeks because that is when ill be over in orlando
  8. So what your getting at is when they say reunion they could mean an overall reunion off there horror ?
  9. theres a diffrence between copyright laws and trademarks there too similar im not a lawyer and its hard to explain you can copyright a product that is physical and you trademark an idea sorta but you can also copyright ideas if that makes sence??
  10. anything can be claimed as a trademark any word but when registerd you need to select what purposes for the trademark to be used effective like dr raymond said it will be registerd for entertainmet but the entertainment business is massave so you would need to register it for like live profomances and stuff this isnt the correct law or anything was just rules i had to follow when i done my record label
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