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  1. The website is up with all the scarezones, terror team (Hollywood Harry) and show!
  2. It’s true, it’s words from the Staffing Office the emails will still be going out within this whole week! Then I believe after, the casting will be finalized. I’m new here and idk how to post photos but if I did I would attach the screenshot of the post! yeah I totally feel you! They are lagging waaay behind this year. Even people who have worked the event previous years are reporting they still haven’t received anything either. Every year is different but this year is nothing like previous years! Everything is being done last minute. It’s so annoying! But nonetheless, still be on the look out bc something may just pop up for you guys!
  3. Returnee scareactor here! Just got updated via a community group for scareactors that worked the event in the past that casting emails are still being sent out! So don’t lose hope!
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