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  1. Scream - Usher I could deffinately see them using this song.
  2. Music wise, possibly One Direction? They are kind of big this year....maybe they'll use the song "What Makes You Beautiful" or "One Thing" ???
  3. I absolutely enjoyed HHN21

  4. Heading out to Orlando today! Just one step closer to Halloween Horrors Nights 21!!! Can't wait!

  5. I will be attending on: -September 29th and 30th -October 1st and 2nd I don't have a HNN shirt..sadly. But I would like to meet some of the fellow members of these forums!
  6. Hey guys, I thought I'd create this topic to see what night(s) some of our fellow nightmare-ers are going to Halloween Horror Nights.Tell us what night(s) you are going and if'd you'd mind meeting up with fellow members of the forums who share the same passion. I plan on going next weekend (sept: 29th and 30th, oct: 1st and 2nd) and wouldn't mind meeting some of you guys.
  7. Can't wait for next weekend! I finally get to experience HHN myself!

  8. From what I can tell not only do the actors evolve throughout the night but the music does also.
  9. Good example of Lady Luck's dirty work! I'm sorry to hear you lost your camera :\ Can you tell us more about whatyou saw from Holidays of Horror???
  10. You do have a point there, it is kinda hard to pull of "total darkness" in a scarezone BUT it's easier to pull it off in Shrek alley. I've been attending HHN since '08 and the scarezones in Shrek alley have always been the darkest ones. I think they could pull "Nightmaze" off pretty well..or decent. And well as Goo said they have added the lights (used in Asylum in Wonderland) to this scareozne but I hope they use a strobe like effect =P
  11. As our wait time for halloween horror nights shortens so does my patience! HHN21, hurry up and begin!!!

  12. Thankfully I've never had to dela with drunks or anyting unpleasant in any line. I only had to deal with htiso ne perosn who was smoking in line but no biggie....security took care of it in a blink of an eye.
  13. I'll remeber this! I absolutely LOVE Katy Perry!!! Do you guys think we'll have the old "We will rock you " song like in previous years?? Or do you guys think we'll get the "remix" version of "we will rock you" (the one they used last year) ??? I hope they stivk to the original one!
  14. Ugh, I hate that song! I used to like it but I've heard it soo many times (radio and I've had to dance/performe to it alot) that I can't stand it, lol. But they'll probably use it for the end...like the last song! I could see them using E.T. - Katy Perry for the opening dance, idk!
  15. days left...can almost see the fog arriving from the horizon!

  16. Soo, you love Katy Perry? SO DO I!!!

  17. Soo, you love Katy Perry? SO DO I!!!

  18. Soo, you love Katy Perry? SO DO I!!! :)

  19. It's almost time, I can faintly hear the chainsaws...

  20. Ok, October seriously needs to get here sooon!!!!

  21. Ok, October seriously needs to get here sooon!!!!

  22. "Liars ought to have good memories" - Algernon Sydney

  23. "No one can wear a mask for very long" - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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