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    Harry Potter, Katy Perry, going to the beach/pool, watching movies, friends, muisc, dancing, art, reading, socializing, humor, etc. etc. etc. but of course HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS baby!!!!!! =]

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My name is Gerardo ( spanish name), I am currently 16 years old, and live in that summer-year-'round island known as Puerto Rico. "Se habla espaƱol." I've been attending Halloween Horror Nights since 2008 (Reflections of Fear). I'm a reader and always looking for new books to read so feel free to suggest anything!

I'm a social person, always open to making friends. Watching movies is something I like to do in my spare time (movie-junkie). I'm hooked on katy Perry and anything Harry Potter! I like to listen to music, dance, go out, hang with friends, draw and creative writting (ocassionally). If you want to know anything else just feel free to ask.

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