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  1. Thank you good luck to you as well, I hope you get it!
  2. Nope me either:( either they still haven’t gone out yet and they are behind or this year just wasn’t my year
  3. No problem! I know the track hell House was used in the toxic tunnel, might be a song off that album, not sure
  4. Horror nights uses a lot of dubstep songs by an artist called “figure” sounds like it might be one of those, not sure what song exactly though
  5. I haven’t heard anything as well, but if you check last years audition forum a lot of people didn’t get emails till the 20th which is tomorrow as well as into august 1st I believe. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, goodluck to everyone
  6. Are we gonna see killer klownz from outer space in a maze or scarezone this year since it’s the 30th anniversary?
  7. Agreed with HorrorRat, I feel like it’s still a little early, hasn’t even been a week yet
  8. First year auditioning, got my golden ticket but feel like I won’t get casted and don’t wanna get my hopes up and be disappointed:/. the anticipation is killing me. Anyone else feeling the same way?
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