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  1. Kip

    Kip's Sketches

    My, my, it's been a while~ Here's something I've made just today and yesterday (soley for tumblr).
  2. Made a page for my upcoming non-profit fancomic/graphic novel about HHN! Here's the link http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003325051776#!/pages/HHN-End-of-an-Era/174614625981712

  3. Kip

    Kip's Sketches

    Tried a new form of art (Print Screening) and will be wearing this at Universal tomorrow. UwU I know the HHN planning had already started long ago for this year's, but it was made just for fun and a test trial (Plus, I can always cross out/ over paint the '2' with a red blood '3'). I'm definitely ain't taking credit for the lettering as I used a member's signature request made by Reaper. I'm such a lazy fart. |D H.R. Bloodengutz for HHN 2012!
  4. Aww, poots. Thanks for trying though. :]
  5. Hey, everyone! Or someone. I'm asking a favor if anyone is willing to let me use their log-in ONLY for the House game (I know, I know, should've done it before while it was still Sept and October~ *BUSY those months*). Definitely appreciate it. <3 Or should I be patient and wait until a member copy the site, and the contents with it, for display? :B
  6. Kip

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    It came out flippin' amazing! In 32 hours even! With help of course, lol. I believe you really have outdone yourself. Hope the waterproofing came out okay! Edit: Okay, just the latest piece you made after posting this, and I love it. xD
  7. Kip

    Kip's Sketches

    Added the colours~ This is still in progress (thanks to my short attention span on finishing these), and the lighting is all wonky. |D' H.R. BloodenGutz in retro-ish style. This is made for my friend whose character is a Angler fish gal. I wanted to post it on DA, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise since I sent her the original piece not too long ago.
  8. Kip

    Jeramy's Schtuff

    I must say this, you have an amazing work! I love the sense of eeriness from just looking at the pics. Most notably the Smiling Dog. xD The Ancestress is a interesting icon idea, and I like the backstory around her! Can't wait to see the finish work of the SoulTree! It looks awesome so far!
  9. Heee<3 Awwww, I'm glad it cheered you up! I love 'em enough that it made me get out of my lurking routine. xD I will post them, someday. Eventually. :B ( I saw, and returned the watching. Thank you<3 Ffff- practice, practice, practice! I swear by it it really helps alot. Mhm *nods* Yeeesss! I'm into Homestuck<3 It doesn't help how this year's HHN theme is a certain card symbol that made me geek out a bit. )
  10. This art thread- All of my openly expressed love. Ahhhh<3 I love how you drew H.R. and Meetz, and Ms. Lola <333 You're not alone on the HHN fancharacters as I have made some too (well, icon ideas anyway), I just never let it surface on here or anywhere else. Except the ones from "Your Nightmares." Hope to see more! c:
  11. Going tomorrow night (Oct 8.) wearing a purple Batman shirt, green dyed hair, and glasses.
  12. <3! Happy 20th birthday baby! <3! I love you! <3!

  13. Kip

    Kip's Sketches

    Thank you all for the lovely comments<3 And now to undust this thread~ This be Dream Chance (from a dream, dur hur hurr). She exactly look like this, or close to what I remembered. I will show the finish pic soon. IN COLOUR.
  14. The only idea I thought off would be the icons (made by guessing what theme before the revealing). Sweet 16 - I imagined the icon to be a spoiled brat who torments her birthday guests (us) as we go through different "presents/Houses." 2010 - This idea sprang up from the quoted hint, "Til death due us apart" or something like that. A two person icons known as The Bride and Groom. I had some backstory to them: Two robbers (Bonnie & Clyde sort of way) who planned to rob the people at a made-up wedding that was open to public, but someone of a close circle of theirs ratted them out to the police. The police handcuffed them together, not a smart idea but ironically appropriate, and escorted the two to the car. Driving off away from the 'wedding party', onto the lone road hill, the poor police did not notice what the Bride swiped from one of the tables until it was in his neck by the Groom. Trying to hold the steering wheel still, the car ended up on the wrong lane as the opposite car was coming close. To avoid collision, the police jerked the wheel the other way. The car drove out of the lane and begun to roll violently down the side hill. The vehicle finally stopped rolling, upside down and banged up. No one survived. A few hours later, the bodies were placed on autopsy tables and left there alone. They were to be taken care of by a mortician that arrived, but right when the worker came to check on the bodies, two were gone. Later, along with a hearse the mortician drove with. Now, the undead Bride and Groom drive along the lonely roads at night. Drivers and drifters beware, jewelry and money is not the only worth of value they steal. Another icon idea would be a French male fashion designer (which SOMEHOW Howl-o-Scream borrowed the idea xDD). The fashion he design and created are made as torture devices/ Death traps for models to wear and display. Forced against their will. Plus, it'll look nice in their portfolios. The last but not least icon idea would be a 50's Housewife so bent on having good family values. Missing, convicts, and runaways are taken in her care, and are turned into "good, well-mannered children." However sweet, chipper, and motherly, there's a deranged monster behind that eerie face of a saint. She has a husband, a burnt skeleton due to some freak UFO sighting accident. Btw, the relationship is strictly platonic. --- These are the icon ideas I have for now. One of these days, I'll illustrate them<3
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