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  1. Houses: 1) Universal Monsters- I have always wanted to see them at HHN! They haven been at the event before but with me I have never saw them in a house, since I started going in 2013. With Hollywood’s success last year with it, I can’t see Orlando dropping the ball on this. You can’t go wrong with the classics epically with making them scary! 2) Nightingales: Blood Pit- I have heard how Nightingales: Blood Prey was a good house and I wish I could have gone though the house. With my love of Greek/Roman mythology and history, this couldn’t be better! 3) Yeti: Terror of the Yukon- Swamp Yeti was my favorite in SS last year so a house fully about a yeti will be awesome! I also love camping and being in a log cabin with everything about it. I wish it would be cold in the house but that’s unlikely, still this house is gonna be great! 4) Graveyard Games- I love the idea of walking though a graveyard! Also having the interactive part in line is pretty cool. I think this house could be pretty scary if done right and it’s HHN how could they fail? 5) Ghostbusters- This seems strange to me since it’s not really a horror movie and more of a Halloween comedy. That being said Universal seems excited for this house so I don’t see them failing at it. 6) Strangers Things 2&3- The house surprised me last year. With seasons 2&3 I have hopes for the house. I can’t wait to see some Demedogs! 7) House of a 1000 Corpses- I didn’t really enjoy the movie. Rob Zombie is just weird to me. The only thing I’m looking forward to in this is Captain Spaulding. 8) Killer Klownz from Outer Space- I enjoyed the zone last year but it wasn't really scary since the actors could scary well in the costumes since they were so big. I don’t see how they can fit though the boo holes and scary you. I see another Creatures incident from 2008 (maybe they learned from that but it’s unlikely) and being in Shrek doesn’t help. 9) Depths of Fear- At first I was excited about this but after we learned more about it, I got less excited. Insane crew members just don’t seem scary to me. 10) Us- I enjoyed the movie but I don’t think it can be well revived in a house. My favorite part of the movie was that “you were killing you”, I just don’t see that being possible in a house. SZs: 1) Arnch-Cade- This is were the “Bad Zone” is but last year with Harvest I think they are going in a good direction with this zone. I also love slashers so a zone with 80 style neon slashers can’t be bad! 2) Vanity Ball- I liked the Chucky zone last year and I think this may be like it. Also “plastic surgery” can be scary if done right! 3) Zombieland: Double Tap- I enjoyed the movie but I feel this may turn out to be a classic zombie zone. 4) Vikings: Undead- Undead usually means Zombies 5) Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe- Not a fan of his and have really only seen HoTC from him. Music zones can’t be scary IMO.
  2. Same day that the HHN tribute store is open to UOAP.
  3. That would be cool but sadly I doubt the would happen. Also Hollywood’s HHN starts Friday the 13th.
  4. No it means that Charles Gray designed the house.
  5. Is Hunchback a UCM though? He’s not in the UCM dvd set.
  6. Speculate it all you want before the ”announcement” but now that we know it’s not coming this year, why talk about it? Also this page is “HHN 29 Speculation” not “HHN 29 what could have been”.
  7. No point on talking about a house we’re not getting.
  8. Is it possible for you to do the UM phone wallpaper but with a blue/purple color instead of the orange color?
  9. Are we going get KKfOS ones? I don’t see any.
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