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  1. I've been binge watching the Venture Bros and thought about a haunted house based on the series since some of the stuff could work like G.U.A.R.D.O and the Ventech Tower during the first episode of Season 7.
  2. This could probably work as a room for the PSA haunt.
  3. It'd have potential, but who would be the main protagonist of the movie?
  4. Honestly, looking back on the Nightmare Pantheons, I wish I could've done more to the idea itself like maybe a scene inside the Event Horizon itself and the some of the sub-houses too. I could've also made the scenes separate haunts as well.
  5. Halloween Horror Nights: The Year Comic Books Get To Shine Icon: The Cryptkeeper Haunted Houses EC Comics' Horror Library (Icon House) Garth Ennis' The Boys Preacher Batman: Dark Knights Marvel Zombies THE MASK: Who's Laughing Now? COMICFURY: Artistic Rage Unleashed! From Hell Junji Ito's Malicious Manga Irredeemable: Plutonian's Rampage The Superhuman Trilogy (based on Warren Ellis' "Superhuman Trilogy" that consist of Black Summer, No Hero and Supergod) Scare-Zones Crossed vs. Blackgas (it's a crossover scare-zone between Crossed and Blackgas where it's set during an outbreak) God is Dead DCeased 30 Days of Night COMIC MADNESS (almost similar to the Altars of Horror in HHN 27)
  6. Really? Thanks! I also even thought of adding in Rock n Roll: Shock your Soul and Game Over: Arcade because Rock n Roll's scene lineup is past songs and Arcade's scene lineup being well past games.
  7. Yeah pretty much, I was also thinking of Turbo Kid when coming up with IP Houses for the event idea itself, although I don't think it would count as one.
  8. Thanks! I also do have another event idea that's basically themed around Warped/Twisted Nostalgia with Saturday Morning Carnage included, i also even thought of having FNAF in there as well. Also speaking of studies, if my event idea was ever a HHN event I think maybe videos on Youtube of Mortis' studies relating to the haunted houses would be pretty cool.
  9. Halloween Horror Nights: Monsters and Legends Icon: Dr. James Mortis Haunted Houses Monstrology (Icon House) WATERY GRAVE: Davy Jones' Locker The Headless Horseman's Forest Aztec (Original House) Greek Mythz (Original House) Creepypasta: Slender-Man Urban Legend (1998) The Howling (1981) Scare-Zones God is Dead (based on the Avatar Press comic book series of the same name) Night of the Were-Wolves (Original) Ragnarok (Original)
  10. COLD EIGHTY: Despair of Motherland Facade: Westhead Media Building Scene 1: Guests enter the building of Westhead Media and see a few buildings and a film studio, on the right side of the film studio is Vukmir and the Bald Man who glee at the sight of the guests while Vukmir smiles creepily at them and on the left side is Ultimate Self Dirk, Monika and her friends and Junko Enoshima, the guests then proceed to the huge gate itself. Scene 2: As guests enter the film studio, they see most of the Avengers Endgame Army and the Unified Army members experiencing a hallucinatory vision of every popular film ever due to the tsunami wave of SCP-3151 even though they are completely still and are unresponsive, some of the members however are experiencing their ultimate nightmares over and over due to Dr. Destiny's Dreamstone, the scene itself also has Arthur blindly swinging his one of his weapons at the guests while also crying. Scene 3: Guests are now in the film studio again but this time the Avengers Endgame Army and the Unified Army members are nowhere to be seen, but however guests would then see multiple TVs and a few Computers showing the members of both the Avengers Endgame Army and the Unified Army being killed in the fictional narratives while Mastermind!Makoto explains to them while his allies only watch of what's happening along with the members of the Avengers Endgame Army being trapped in the fictional narratives they're in all the while Dr. Destiny would startle guests. Scene 4: Guests then go to a scene similar to the "All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy" scene in the HHN Hollywood version of The Shining haunt where it is filled with giant book pages with some of them affected by SCP-4513 and one of them even having SCP-3138 in it, in this scene the members of the Avengers Endgame Army and the Unified Army are inserted by an upgraded version of SCP-4506, in the scene itself is Captain America trying to get a Thing-like Facehugger off of him. Scene 5: After that, guests then enter one of the buildings of the Warsaw Pact organization, inside the building is a total state of chaos as gunfire is heard along with screaming, dead bodies lie on the floor, a almost dying guard tells the guests to get out of here before having his heart ripped out by an undead Joseph Stalin, as guests continue their way to the building, they then go to a large meeting room where they see multiple dead bodies and on the screen are photos of dead families, almost destroyed homes, etc, also in the meeting room hides a few members of the Remnants of Despair. Scene 6: Then guests go to the 1940 version of Moscow where after the White Event happened, it is ISOTed next to the OTL 1980 Moscow where they attempt to take over the OTL 1980 Moscow but failed and is forced into hiding, here in the streets of OTL 1940 Moscow, the Russian Military are attempting to fight back against Mastermind!Makoto and his Remnants of Despair but are failing, one of the Russian soldiers to try and shoot at a flying NiGHTs who swoops down at guests, Gilius rushes towards guests with his axe, Winter Soldier snaps a Russian soldier's neck (the russian soldier is a dummy). Scene 7: Guests will now be outside of the Westhead Media building where it is almost completely destroyed and is ready to crumble down along with two other buildings one being the TotleighSoft building and the other being the Belko Corp building, the United League members and the Remnants of Despair army along with Mastermind!Makoto charge at guests. Scene 8: Guests are now in a dark room where it has multiple TVs that display footage of the Russian Civil War and also announcing that Mastermind!Makoto Nagei is dead, no scares in this room. Scene 9/Finale: Guests now enter into a abandoned church where they see hooded preacher ranting of how Mastermind!Makoto Nagei and Despairism will "save the people of Earth" while some of the other hooded figures try to grab guests, at the near end of the maze is one last scare from Mastermind!Makoto Nagei. (If you want to know of what this is based off of, it is based off of my Cold Eighty Mashup AU where it is a Mashup AU of all the other ISOT Mapgames, the credits go to the original maker who made this original ISOT Mapgame who is also in one of the Discord servers that I was invited in)
  11. Just Shapes and Beats: MULTIVERSAL BREAKOUT This is like a dumb idea i came up with weeks ago when I thought during my browsing on DeviantArt and Tumblr, also here's the story After Blixer tried (and failed) to kill Square and then revert back to his original form along with becoming a DJ as well, everything seemed back to normal for Paradise, until now... During a party at Paradise with the wiggles dancing and doing other party things as well, a spaceship crashes near the treeangle causing the wiggles to flee, however once the spaceship crashed near it, some of the wiggles approached it and inspected a bit also, they even looked at the name of the spaceship in which it is called DESPAIR HORIZON however an all-too familiar clown comes out of the wreckage causing the wiggles to look curious about the clown however as the clown looked around, he sees it as a perfect time to cause mayhem and massacre, so he gathers a bunch of supervillains from their cells and did so, however there is one person that opposes him and that is Eddie Schmidt, brother of Jack the Clown, he then creates his own team of villains and begins to have a war with his brother and his supervillain group, the other villains meanwhile oppose both groups and begin to go solo, but however Square and the other three non-shapes including Blixer team up to try and stop the villains Decorations: The now crashed DESPAIR HORIZON is seen along with a few party decorations as well, there is also a concert stage where Blixer performs at but is now almost destroyed Scaracters Jack the Clown: Leader of the Supervillain group Supervillain Group (Members include: Regime!Superman, Homelander, Titan, Joker, Harley Quinn, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Green Goblin, Syndrome, Carnage, Plutonian, Black Noir, Nolanverse!Joker, Burtonverse!Joker, Clayface, Killmonger, General Zod and Tomura Shigaraki) Eddie Schmidt: Leader of the RUN group RUN Group (Members include: Deathstroke, Deadshot, Violator, Leatherface, Agent Smith, Hollywood Harry and Cindy Caine) Ozymandias Fu Manchu Xenomorphs Jason Voorhees The Predator (a.k.a Yautja) Crossed Infected Freddy Krueger Villainous Crew Martians (Mars Attacks!) Aku-Infected!Wiggles Rick Sanchez Darth Vader The Storyteller The Caretaker Randall Flagg Michael Myers Norman Bates Purple Shirted Eye Stabber T-1000 Two-Face Ra's al Ghul Dracula Professor Moriarty Pennywise Fantomas Fear Terra Queen Nyarlathotep King Radical Magog Cioccolata Secco DIO Diavolo Enrico Pucci Yoshikage Kira Funny Valentine Over Heaven!DIO Talon Steve Armstrong Bad Ending!Blixer A few Wardens and Guards
  12. Some more ideas for my Multiversal Breakout idea since there's so much potential to the idea itself Laboratory-Guests enter a laboratory where it was once a laboratory run by normal scientists but now thanks to the breakout happening it has been overrun with villainous mad scientists, various mad scientists are seen preforming twisted experiments on helpless scientists with one helpless scientist even being turned into a Headcrab Zombie before the Headcrab Zombie Scientist tries to claw on guests, they then enter to a portal room where it leads to the Dream World Dream World-As guests enter the portal itself, they would find themselves to be a nightmarish version of an amusement park with wardens and guards are tormented in the Dream World in various ways (Ex: Hair growing everywhere on the guard including the eyes) along with some guards and wardens killing each other due to the fact that Dr. Destiny is using the dream stone to bring out their negative emotions, Dr. Destiny hides in the scene while holding the dream stone, also in the scene is Death 13 who swoops down at guests with its scythe and at the near end is Freddy Krueger himself
  13. So i've recently watched a walkthrough video of the Wax Works haunt and gave me a crossover haunt idea Horror in Waxworks-What happens when a rich guy who is fascinated with horror movies and the "Horror in Wax" attraction discovers an eerie wax museum that has abandoned for years? Re-open it and re-brand it as "The Waxworks Museum", he also apparently brought in the wax figures in which are the Universal Classic Monsters from the "Horror in Wax" attraction to the "Chamber of Horror" exhibit and the melted wax figures to the storage room in order to fix them as new wax figures, however unbeknownst to him the wax creatures are alive and that there are deranged people living in there as well before the museum was re-opened and when it was re-opened to the public there have been reports of people disappearing until the police came to investigate the disappearances inside and you are one of the police officers, however one by one the police officers go missing and you discover that they're being tortured and dipped into wax or either killed, will you escape or will you get dipped into wax?
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