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  1. There was, and while I didn't attend the gist of this year is: Yes there's black walls, not to the extent of last year. Overall house quality is far superior from last year, so much so that someone has stated that their #5 house this year would have been their #2 house last year.
  2. I would argue that we're getting more new content than we did last year. A new scare zone, 2 new houses, 2 new shows, and a dance party zone. That's not even including the fact that Hangtime has a new lighting package, Silver Bullet will be operating, and the VR game will have an overlay. I think Dark Entities is a bit familiar but the sets and lighting package sounds AMAZING. The most they've ever done with lighting was 180 in Dark Ride and this one will have over 1200? That sounds like a permanent attraction level of lights. I'm personally more excited for The Depths due to it being a Jon Cooke house (yes, he's still a creative consultant at Knott's) especially with the clearly Lovecraftian-inspired concept.
  3. My guess, if no waiver is to be signed...they'll be swearing.
  4. Isn't this from last year, where Ifrit was hinting that Cindy was going to be an icon...but it never happened?
  5. Tomorrow's announcement will possibly be for a Predator maze. They're dropping the trailer for the new movie tomorrow so that would all line up nicely.
  6. How? Legacy specifically said it relates to word count.
  7. A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Master...it is the 30 year Anniversary...
  8. Frankly , I'd love to see a sequel house to Deadman's Wharf this year. I think that would be awesome!
  9. This is what Universal claims, but I ultimately have never seen a difference in actor numbers.
  10. Wait, wait, wait so did BOTH events lose IT? Or just Orlando?
  11. Can you share that with us? Also: Heard any rumors for Originals or the split between originals and IPs?
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