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  1. I honestly didn’t like “Us”. And I’m quite infuriated that we lost an original house for this movie.
  2. I’m not really excited for house of 1000 corpses and ghostbusters honestly. The scarezones look interesting except for the Rob Zombie one.
  3. I guess that one theory isn’t true. Otherwise we would’ve gotten an announcement by now.
  4. Well the supposed original houses seem interesting right off the bat. Hide and Shriek. I like that name.
  5. YES!!! I would lovetp see an SCP Containment Breach house.
  6. I never understood why Bloody Mary can’t be used anymore at HHN. How exactly is a myth copyrighted? I thought it was public domain.
  7. How did this thread go from speculation to hating on vloggers?
  8. I just want another Scary Tales house. Deadly Ever After was just perfect.
  9. I think the duff beer stands will be open. Not sure about the taco truck.
  10. Thank you for the info. I will for sure buy a hoodie, but for the shirts, so far just one. It depends on my next several paychecks.
  11. Do they sell HHN hoodies? If so, I’m thinking of buying one when I go. I know for sure I will get one shirt and a lanyard.
  12. Original house for Orlando? Seems interesting. I’m even kinda excited for this house.
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