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  1. it’s important to remember something: just because blumhouse has a property, doesn’t mean universal will be able to have it at its disposal. despite the first look deal, blumhouse works with other companies (take, for instance, fantasy island being a columbia film)
  2. As much as I’m excited for Us (after somehow predicting it correctly a few months ago???), I would be lying if I said I wasn’t kinda sad to see Tooth Fairy go. However, the more I started thinking about it, the more I started realizing that it was probably for the best. Perhaps the biggest roadblock to getting Tooth Fairy would have to be Knott's. As many of you probably know, Knott's Berry Farm in California has had a popular maze based around the legend of the Tooth Fairy at their Halloween event for a couple years now. Knott's has seen a rather large increase in attendance for their Halloween event and is a formidable opponent to USH. Their competitor’s sister park having a Tooth Fairy maze would be very suspicious, even if the ideas aren’t exactly the same. My guess is that UO realized this and decided to scrap it. I have also wondered if Us was originally gonna be a Hollywood exclusive like Creepshow but was brought over to Orlando as a fix-it. Also, if the “Bedtime Stories” concept was in fact true, I really hope they bring that to the event next year. Besides, this year’s event seems to be very focused on myths and legends (Abominable Snowman in Terror of the Yukon, the legend of the cemetery in Graveyard Games, hell I’d even say Ghostbusters with their ghost mythology). This coupled with the fact that next year is an important HHN anniversary, it may be a clue to next year’s icon..... (hey, i can dream)
  3. i was REALLY hoping for a 15th anniversary shaun of the dead house but im more than pleased with the world's end even being on a spec map. another person of culture, i see! also, are we still anticipating an announcement today or tomorrow? or has that been pushed back?
  4. ok, so i'm caught up with the most recent speculation. here's something i'd like to ask: do you think the devil's rejects and 3 from hell (despite us knowing next to nothing about it) would have enough house material to have them combined into the rumored house of 1000 corpses? perhaps a firefly saga house can be efficient. i'm a bad horror fan in that i have yet to watch rejects but i feel like a "mega" house telling their cohesive story would be interesting.
  5. This page hasn't been touched in a hot minute, and I have a lot of ideas for houses, so why not? PREQUEL Where Evil Begins - Travel back to 1940s New York, where struggling author Elsa Strict discovers a mysterious storybook that grants her anything she writes into it. However, the dream soon becomes a nightmare when she begins to go insane. (yes, i'm biased. so what?) SEQUEL PsychoScareapy: Squeaky Clean - After years of abandonment, the old Shadybrook Rest Home and Sanitarium has been reopened! Filled with cutting edge technology and caring wait staff, it seems like the days of Shadybrook's treacherous past have been forgotten. However, there seems to be something in the water... MASHUP All Out War - In the midst of the Vietnam War, the Body Collectors have taken shop in an abandoned weapons factory. Eager to begin the next chapter of their business, their victim count has dropped due to the arrival of a gang of bloodthirsty nurses. Who will prevail, the Body Collectors or the Nightingales? No matter who wins, both armies will lose.
  6. I second this. I was the ONLY one out of my friends who enjoyed the movie itself (three cheers for deceased parents!) but I could not for the life of me imagine what the house would be like. Then again, it could be the only chance I have at hearing Paramore at the event...
  7. I'm not entirely sure if we've discussed this before (I only recently got back to using this site), but I feel like a major property that is being overlooked at the moment is Us. I know Get Out will never be in the event due to its potentially divisive racial commentary, but from what I've heard this movie doesn't have that kind of commentary. Not only that, but from the SXSW reviews I've read, it's even more fucked up and terrifying than Get Out. Since it's *technically* still a Blumhouse movie, what do you guys think the chances of it coming to HHN are?
  8. slightly unrelated, but i came to the realization that if it had adapted even a little bit of the source material’s violent content, the umbrella academy would be a very high contender for a possible house. i loved the show and most of the changes, but there is some seriously graphic things that happen in the original runs that seemed oddly cut out of the show. im talking “jfk’s head getting blown to bits” level of graphic. (and yet they kept the incest storyline. yuck!)
  9. i honestly thought of 28 weeks later, specifically the very ending of it, but good catch on as above so below. i never finished it but in my defense i get nauseous watching found footage films so i had to turn it off
  10. oh god not this again overall the lawsuit seems pretty bogus but can we just get a break
  11. as much as i was anticipating IT, im glad it’s getting taken off this year. it’ll make more sense to combine parts one and two into one house, if that’s what their endgame is
  12. well, ash vs evil dead isn't that terrifying minus the campy deadite effects and that was a maze last year. as for "the past will haunt you," it'll be a completely missed opportunity for them not to promote halloween, so i think the latter of your thoughts could be correct
  13. i completely gave up on the walking dead to be honest when they turned glenn’s death into an opportunity for daryl to gain character “development.” im jealous that you’re able to make it this long
  14. i think its less of the fact that they're recycling a property so soon and more of the fact that the original scare zone was a test run FOR a potential house. i can't speak for universal, but that's what it felt like to me, especially since it was a property fans have been begging for even before the IP-palooza began. while we're discussing trick r treat, can i just say that one of the scare actors for principal wilkins looked a lot like dylan baker? if it gets the house treatment this year, they better hire that dude again
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