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  1. This weekend is monster palooza. While I think Hollywood will get more announcements in think orlando will share at least one of those. Today or this weekend I have a good feeling it will be a surprise (not something we are expecting)
  2. Ok people lets get to work If you’re looking for some fun You can choose from 41 What awaits for this year’s fright? The data is very light So from my flames, I’ll arise To remove a little guise For now, we only know a day Of when it is, they’ll have a say Undercover in this riddle Rationed out, the pieces little Each line hiding part of the clue Look very closely at the view Expect that you will be quite pleased Visually, with how it’s teased Echoing last year’s template Not really sure what we’ll get The ifrit
  3. Whatever house they announce is going to fit the theme. Last year was 80s. If this is an urban legends or similar themed year we might get an original first. I dont think they will announce stranger things first unless its paired with something else. With this hhn starting earlier and them rolling out prices as well I can see an announcement at the end of the month or mid March. I FEEL like they are going to announce something soon but not something like a house or ip. Keeping my fingers crossed for an icon.
  4. Watching hill house and there are some amazing things that could be a maze. Take out the family just the house and spooky ghosts. The house itself is a maze. Let's do many many hallways, the basement cellar, the red room, all the marble statues. perfect.
  5. Could be announcing new prices/deals and how many ips
  6. Just saw they are making a resident evil Netflix show, please be a house when it comes out
  7. Misremembered a24 as a41 dangit... second tweet with numbers though If you Google 41 horror movies it gives you a list of 41 horror movies. Odd number for a list. Its not 20, 50 or 100. Purhaps they mean chose from this list...
  8. Official list Chicken - Death Proof ("I'm going to have to file you under chicken shit") Onyx - Teen Wolf (Onyx means claw in latin) Salt - Deep Blue Sea (salt water) Drill - Overlord (army drill) Dog - Kujo (need I say more) Cotton - Hellfest (cotton candy) Pit - Silence of the Lambs ("It puts the lotion in the basket") Pressure - Christine (gets crushed) Jerky - Motel Hell (renowned meats) Hysteria - The Happening ("What... noooo")
  9. Universal owns glass the new movie which could be in hhn I just would never have thought because is it really horror?
  10. I happened to be watching a review of the movie. the bright pink room stands out murdy has said no 3d (for hollywood) but i cant help but think orlando will also not continue with 3d
  11. I just googled pink and blue and it gave me a movie "Pink and Blue, Colors of Hereditary Cancer" I really have no clue if this is a hint towards a Hereditary house. Haven't seen the movie. No clue what the rhyme will lead to... talk about the most weird hint ever
  12. I'm hoping The Thing fits a lot of those. And one house might fit multiple of those
  13. I noticed he wen quiet. I got the impression he was retiring lol hurt ego
  14. These are things that murdy said during his QandA which can be viewed on his Twitter @horrornights
  15. Getting pumped with QA (hollywood) Quotes Announcements sooner than we think Acquired an IP they've had their eyes on for a while Getting a maze we've all been waiting for No walking dead zombies No scare zone plans Brand new ips to the event Conjuring not happening Potentially a maze based on a lesser known favorite like trick r treat "some you might not even be thinking of" A maze with snow Properties 15-20 years old appearing No 5 nights at Freddie's No freddy or jason No 3d house
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