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  1. So.... US....... Ill take it. I still haven't seen US but now ill give it a shot. So if US is coming to the event does that mean we are going to have four Headline IP'S? Stranger things Ghostbusters Universal Classic Monsters And US?
  2. That's why I was quoting an IP falling through. I thought you meant a natural house change, it's unlikely for the team to decide to change a house this far into construction. But I guess anything could happen.
  3. If there was a house change we would probably know by now. However, the worst that can happen is that an IP falls through but it's unlikely. I actually hope Scarezones get changed or get redesigned, because Scarezones this year are kinda underwhelming. I just want more details about Scarezones so I can really see how the Zones will shape the event.
  4. Welp Scarezones look mediocre as hell. Can we conclude that Headlining Houses for Marketing are gonna be ST 2, HOTC, and Ghostbusters?
  5. Anybody ever thought that the Underwater themed maybe a House adaptation of Dead Man's Warf? I love that Zone so much
  6. Now on a scale of one to ten how likely are these houses on the spec map being true? For Orlando anyway. And if we are going off of the concepts of originals instead of there names how about the likely hood of those too? I ask because Im trying to debate if I should buy tickets now in the possibility of the lineup being a bit different or if I should not go at all this year. Nothing really connects with me this year like past years did. The only houses im kinda looking forward to is Nightingales and Uni Monsters but that's it (maybe yeti) And it really breakes my heart to say that out loud. I don't really have any interest in The Graveyard concept, or the Underwater Original. Yeti sounds like it could be interesting and alot of fun. Im with the Majority when I say Originals are pretty amazing but it's just not clicking for me like 28, 27, and 26 did. IP's are eh. Klowns was expected, House of 1000 corpses doesn't really capture my interest, Ghostbusters sounds incredible but I just think it's off putting and a little desperate. So im losing hope...... However, There is always the fact how likely these concepts are of happening. A change of an Original and or an Ip or two would make all the difference. You can disagree with me if desired and that's totally ok just thought I would speak out and voice my opinion.
  7. Gotta come in for a sec and scatch my head for a moment, wasn't Uni Classic monsters on that leaked lineup? Does that confirm it? If so to be honest I don't seem to like that lineup as much as everyone else. And im not trying to be a brat, but I expected more out of the lineup for this year. Ghostbusters though is interesting.
  8. Jesus christ.... They don't usually hype up announcements like this for nothing. And the possibility of it being a shared IP let's the mind wander
  9. Can't find Single day tickets, not talking about Flex tickets
  10. I think we are gonna get another announcement around the beginning of May. Tbh, I was not expecting to get the Nightingales announcement as early as we did. I actually want them to wait for them to announce House 3# just for a sec. I always feel like they are rushed to announce all good IP at the beginning of the HHN Announcement Season and not wait until July or August so they can gain hype and Presales which kinda ruins it for me. Especially when you have an IP that's BIG and they just drop it in the Early months, not saying that it's not surprising, but it would be more surprising to do it during later in the Announcement Season, im talking Augustish. Im aware it's harder to have surprises later because the amount of leaks we get that confirm and debunk stuff is crazy. I know last year we had IP's announced later but by they got here we already knew they were coming Im talking about something completely random and exciting. If im oblivious and they have all ready dropped some bombs like I've described please make me a list xD Speaking of Presales, where are Tickets!? Pretty sure they went on sale last year when ST was announced. Im gonna call it and say if we are getting an announcement Tuesday next week, it might be Child's play... Orion is trying way to hard to make people go see that movie. But who knows...... HHN speculation really kicks you in the ass sometimes.
  11. What is that? We can get WB properties again?!?!?!? The dark ages are over my friends!
  12. How is Chucky overused? Hasn't he only been at Orlando like twice? Ive heard that this year might be mostly rehash from last year. Jesus, I know that might sound horrible but it might not be bad as we thought. (Hopefully) My Spidey Senses tells me that surprise that Murdy mentioned means he is gonna throw us a really fun and unexpected curve ball. A property that know one has mentioned yet. A part of me wants it to be a Video game Property but that sounds so silly saying that out loud. Hopefully this doesn't happen, but it would suck if that property is exclusive to Hollywood. Im gonna go sit in a corner and wait for them to announce an Original now XD
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