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  1. HEAVY AIR Clairvoyance is never a guarantee for perfect vision, but sight is relative. It is just a bit past the hour of six in the morning and the sun sits low in the clear morning sky. The countryside is at a standstill with an atmosphere so pure you can smell the morning dew a mile away.We drift to the north of the Rollings district floating on the air's current. We glide from the main road and over the Missionary Baptist Church dodging the crucifix atop the roof. This field is used for the church's weekend football tournament.The money they get from hosting this sport event operates the basic school attached to the main building. We move across the woodland behind the church. This area stretches about seven acres and is home to a huge pack of wild dogs.They have been responsible for numerous attacks on the neighborhood kids but never anything critical. We see the remnants of last night's hunt but no sight of the pack. Beyond the woodland, Red Square seems like a town quarantined and evacuated.No one commutes, no shop owners preparing for the hectic day. The lots are vacant and there is a crow of a rooster echoing on the wind. We flutter on, there is movement in the small police station shared by the Red Square community and the Dun Kirk community. A diminutive man with an enormous belly sits behind a desk drinking coffee and eating donuts. Cliché isn't it? The change in the air's current elevates us twenty feet above the police building. From this spot we can see clearly to the edge of town. Our genial mailman David Brown exits his home and locks his door behind him. He is on his way to the post office. He gets on his bike and pedals beneath us. Little Jonathan Taylor is on route, delivering his morning papers over on 7th Street. The streets of this area all runs parallel with the exception Kings Street which runs adjacent, connecting the roads of the community. https://story2teller.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_6.html
  2. Have this ever happened to you? https://story2teller.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_28.html
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  6. https://story2teller.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_26.html
  7. you have interesting stories. I too have a blog and i am looking for viewers to give me some feedback on if i am on the right path or not. i hope you check it out https://story2teller.blogspot.com also if you ever need some one to animate you stories or do some music for you link me up and let us chat. i only have one video so far on my youtube channel but you can check it out to see what my music sounds like, this is the link
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