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  1. Didn't get a chance to post this year but I'm back! I'm in Terror Tram as a Shill near the Batting Cages on the Hill! Bloodied Victim look. If any fellow tram people are here let's talk I've been apart of HNN for years
  2. Has anyone else already done paperwork and received the emails for OTJ paperwork? I was scheduled this past Friday to submit beginning paperwork and now I'm waiting for costuming to email for Fittings and Orientation/Scare Academy. Excited to be back first year back to HHN since 2011 as a scareactor
  3. You and me both Grind you and me both I always seem to shy away after October Can't seem to say all has been the same But change is coming. On both ends of the spectrum For now lets further speculate this year before we all go insane
  4. In a way it will explain the partnerships of both HHNH and HHNO to the GP while at the same time it promotes an on studio property. As both as well as their original predecessors are all Universal Properties and have never been to an HHN event before, they still wanna find a way to reuse or reconcep stories they've used in the past.
  5. I'm saying Orlando is getting Dracula and they're showing us AWIL
  6. But we are sharing a property just not sharing the ones you may think. Remember they both are Universal properties that will exist as "Classic" Dracula being the first of Originals and AWIL being a take on the classic Universal Warewolf
  7. A little birdie said it may be a classic Universal property announcement tomorrow. Don't howl at me if I'm wrong
  8. Long story short dont screw things up for everyone Lets reset the form
  9. Hopefully it won't count as spam but AGAIN if ANYONE NEEDS THE STREAM LINK TO TONIGHTS EVENT CLICK HERE OR COPY AND PASTE IN YOUR BROWSER ustream.tv/channel/halloween-horror-nights-hollywood-live-stream
  10. I'll try and talk to my old leads about sneaking me a map IF they have any backstage
  11. incase anyone hasnt seen, move on over to the opening week live thread to get the link for the live stream! http://www.horrornightnightmares.com/forums/index.php/topic/3595-horror-night-nightmares-presents-opening-week-live-2013/
  12. Both will be happening i'm gonna post in a separate thread right now Leaving this here for now until I can get the thread unlocked ustream.tv/channel/halloween-horror-nights-hollywood-live-stream
  13. The Revelation begins...

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