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  1. There are hundreds of videos about Stephen King's books, or about his movies and series, but none about his books WITHIN his movies and series, especially if the movies and series are unrelated to his books. There is no such video... until now.Enjoy this Easter Egg gallery
  2. We probably get tired of finding cliches in horror films, they're lovely and funny (sometimes annoying), the genre would not be the same without them. I'm making a video series compiling the most repeated clichés in horror movies. At the moment: - The "just the wind" line - The red ball bouncing on the stairs - Movies withing Movies (4 parts) - Killers sentenced to undeath (1987-89) - Meteorites (1980s) - The dog that always dies in the film. What clichés would you suggest for the next video?
  3. Hello guys, I would like invite you to visit my YT channel Jedediah Bishop Horror Show. It has many videos about music, films, videogames, books and all kind of horror stuff. Examples:
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