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  1. If house of 1,000 corpses happens I’m buying a ticket
  2. House of 1,000 Corpses would work considering that 3 Days From Hell is supposed to be out this year. Plus the carnival idea with a Captain Spaulding would be fitting for a icon-less year to help fill that void. Killer Klowns will happen. Other IPs is likely to probably not... purge or walking dead no. Purge will be back either way it’s universal. Chucky would be fine for a house but it would be more align to 2009’s version. But unlikely... but i wouldn’t be surprised. Originals... Slaughter Sinema will probably come back, and some newbies. The theme is probably either 80’s revamped or all over the place. I know right before the event is done.. we will have a 2020 sneak peek which would make us feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 2020’s event shines with some IPs and a bunch of tributes from other events and chance gets hotter lol.
  3. Are we going to have a new cycle for announcements like last year?
  4. Bill & Ted 3 is scheduled for next year. also first announcement will be stranger things vol. 2 give it this week or next week
  5. Part one and 2 would work in a mini house (a la house Of horrors)
  6. Random this wouldn’t happen again. But what if HHN did IOA again? Seuss Lansing and Potter May block it. But since Seuss’s widow passed away last year it would be interesting
  7. HHN Unofficial’s wishful thinking is interesting https://hhnunofficial.com/2019/02/25/possibles-for-hhn29/
  8. Halloween ‘18 is a good movie.. not the best. But when you consider the horror junkyard we get today it’s really good. Halloween 5 and the ‘09 sequel remake were major trainwrecks. Halloween 5 makes waiting at the dmv feel pleasant. ‘09 sequel remake is like a really bad ecstasy trip that was made by some 40 year old virgin. But back to horror nights, Michael May return this year. But we”ll see.. IPs only two are likely. Originals would be newbies and sequels.2020 will probably focus on the anniversary stuff.
  9. So I’m new to the news but for those speculating Hellraiser... it’s not going to happen. Although Blumhouse is interested in making scream and hellraiser sequels.
  10. Pet Sematary is Paramount and Stephen King is touchy on his work
  11. Sequels: 2019: Slaughter Sinema Redux: focus on silly 80’s style horror films once Again or those silly B-movies we see today on the SYFY channel. For 2019(although this may be 2020), I see Psychoacarepy being possible. 2020(there’s a lot more for this on c’mon HHN XXX: Chance will be played by none other than Jenna Jameson and we”ll be thrown back to the 90’s HBO webs... lol Not really. 2020: Screamhouse or All-Nite Die-In: The Next Generation: focus on a “new” setting with both of these with our old friends. Also I see Dungeon Of Terror making a comeback as well with vampires and psychoscarepy. And RUN 4 YOUR LIFE I see as one in 2020.
  12. Hill House ain’t happening. Time Warner/WB stuff ain’t happening. AHS ain’t happening. So what they may have with Blumhouse is Happy Death Day again since Happy Death Day 2U is coming out, Halloween ‘18 May make an appearance, and of course the damn purge all in one. TV shows(well look at Purge and Stranger Things) IPs, Blumhouse was interested in rebooting Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.... but those won’t happen until HHN XXXI-XXXIII(if they are even out by then... if they even come out for that matter). So off the list. Killer Klowns is a well duh. Hellraiser though the Weinsteins/Lantern own it but wouldn’t the original film not be an issue since it’s Anchor Bay? It’s possible but maybe. If there aren’t any shows? Then Can there be side shows in New York? Like something with the Chainsaw Drill Team or something like that? 2019 also expect by the end of the season a leaked Easter egg in a house with Jack and Chance or online. They both will likely make a big appearance into 2020 as the icons. Originals: Slaughter comes back, and probably some new originals and some old friends. I have a feeling 2020 though Dungeon Of Terror will make a comeback somehow. (Keep in mind this is late night BS, being made, i am not Universal or work for universal this is a bullish prediction so dont take it as a “Dewey Defeats Truman” scenario) Sincerely, max
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