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  1. It's been stated in multiple interviews that the event will return to IOA "whenever it's ready" or whenever they can figure out "how to swing it." I wouldn't say it's never going back, but it will more than likely be a while.
  2. 1. Hallow'd Past 2 - First one was amazing, and it'll be love letter to all you fans out there. Can't wait to see all those characters again. 2. American Werewolf In London - Round 2 of this amazing house. Sign me up. 3. Blizzard - Scenes they've been teasing look amazing and I'm a sucker for originals. 4. RUN 3 - I really liked Hostile Territory and this one sounds like there's more to it. 5. Freddy Vs. Jason - Very indifferent. They've done them both before. 6. The Purge - A good save. I won't write it off. 7. Alice In Wonderland 3-D - Could be cool, but Alice in Wonderland has gone the route of Walking Dead somewhat, but they've used it too much. If it's anything like the scarezone, it should be cool. 8. Insidious - Movies just aren't scary. 9. Walking Dead - Stick a fork in it.
  3. Whatever point you're trying to sell is not working. People are going to go to the event regardless of what the logo looks like, and they'll more than likely enjoy it. What the website looks like and what the standee or logo looks like is so irrelevant.
  4. Personally, if the event is great the website is 110% irrelevant.
  5. The official winners were: HOTY - An American Werewolf In London and take this in ladies and gentlemen.... SOTY - Opening Moment A show wins street of the year.
  6. The transitions don't make up for the disappointing scares and overall weak scarefactor. It is a nice looking house though.
  7. My HHN 22 Zombie Crew hoodie broke and I've really been looking for another one. If anyone has one in a large please let me know. It would really help.
  8. The amount of complaining over the unicorn not being in the house is hilarious. In all honesty, the unicorn being in the house would ruin the dark horror feel the house gives off. I'm glad it's represented just in video form.
  9. Yes, they're animatronics but they have not arrived yet.
  10. The masks actually just haven't come in yet for the nazi's.
  11. The shirts are great this year. Only thing that's bad is the tagline and honestly that's still not that big of a deal.
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