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  1. Do you know whether it was going to be comedic?
  2. Yay! https://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/ghostbusters-at-hhn-2019/
  3. A lot of you probably already know this, but the scarezones were released: https://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/park-tips/hhn-2019-your-first-look-at-this-years-scare-zones/
  4. It would be funny and great if they got GOT back.
  5. Anyone know what happened to Tooth Fairy?
  6. Does anyone know where the speculated scarezones came from?
  7. Maybe the order the Ifrit gave is the order they will be announced, so maybe the next house to be announced is the Tooth Fairy house.
  8. The descriptions are giving me a Spawning vibe :/.
  9. I'm surprised they didn't release the actual house permit for that yet, as they already released all the ones for the houses in the back. Could this mean we are not getting a house in this location this year?
  10. I think there were a few rooms in that house that you walked through multiple times at different angles. There was one where you could see people way ahead of you in the same room because you go through that room again later in the house.
  11. In 24 the entrance to SS25 was in the music plaza, so they could move it anywhere along that strip.
  12. So, what codenames would link to this rumoured map? Ghostbusters= Hysteria Stranger Things= Chicken Tooth Fairy= Drill Yeti= Jerky HoTC= Dog Underwater= Pressure Nightingales= Pit Universal Monsters= Onyx Graveyard= Salt KKFOS= Cotton That's what I am guessing.
  13. So are we as the guests going to be the ones doing the hiding, evil monsters hiding, or a bunch of kids hiding and we watch the consequences of them hiding in a graveyard?
  14. Not many places to hide in a cemetery, except for inside of a grave.
  15. I wonder if it will have any connection to the Hide and Shrieeek scarezone in 2003. Probably not as all that scarezone was was a bunch of black and white walls with black and white scareactors standing next to them.
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