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  1. The entire event is 80s. Nostalgia sells nowadays. Literally everyone gets it.
  2. Other than Vampire Prince and Michael Jackson, this zone in my opinion was... well meh. Which clearly leaves me disappointed. Maybe I just missed most of it, but the dance choreography on the stage was enough to turn me away. The music was A+ though.
  3. Give me Audrey II and this house will win me over.
  4. One thing I can confirm about this zone is that the costumes for this zone are spot on. But better quality, if that makes sense.
  5. As a former Vamp 55 Greaser, I am very excited for this zone. A little bitter cause I couldn't work the event as a scareactor this year, but still happy nonetheless.
  6. Sup b

    1. Dr. D

      Dr. D

      And here I see this in May

    2. Grime


      And here I see this in July

    3. Dr. D

      Dr. D

      And here I see this in July 2018

  7. "You'll never grow old, Michael, and you'll never die. But you must feed!"

  8. It all depends on availability. If you give full availability, you most likely wont get a night off
  9. Just once I'd like a scarezone shirt
  10. I think the last time they did the IOA pass through was 2012. Thats not saying they arent bringing it back this year. They easily can. The Stay and Scream "Queue" is still there behind the Seuss Gates connecting to Uni.
  11. Logo over the Heart! Thank Christ. The blood letters have been the same format since 2007. Im very glad to hear this.
  12. Universal, Disney, and Sea World have had these for around 6 months now. Nothing new.
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