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  1. I went business an some went casual on my orientation
  2. Same here but I didnt get that email but I did receive that tall height request
  3. I wonder how long it will take an at least don't get the no hire email Also Applications well they were due last Sunday or you won't get a role
  4. We did scare the cone this year an Goodluck it's my second year an yeah not hoping this year as well kinda don't want to get in my mind Like I'm 5'9 1/2 so I don't think they would have a spot for me
  5. So your saying there just filling out the roles then they will send the emails that you've been cast if not? Correct me
  6. Don't give your hopes up, its just the first week. The email can come up anytime an the casting is random
  7. I guess there giving out the emails first to the veterans, I hope I get mines this week or next week before the 25th of July . Good luck to you guys
  8. Wesker69 what number were you? I was #438 I audition at Friday the 6th an was the second batch. Btw I feel nervous cause I heard my friend got his email yesterday
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