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  1. Wonderful At least we have up to 3 days before our scheduled tour to get a full refund (I'm sure those of you who want to get a refund for this weekends tours can, because it's complete crap that you payed the same price as those who already took the tour and were able to get pictures in all houses).
  2. Someone just posted on Facebook that they are on a tour now and a new rule is in place: You aren't allowed to take pictures in the IP houses. Can anyone else confirm?
  3. 1. Krampus 2. The Exorcist 3. Ghost Town 4. Tomb of the Ancients 5. AHS 6. Lunatics Playground 7. TCM 8. Halloween 9. TWD
  4. Thank you! My company computer has pictures blocked so I wasn't able to see JDW's
  5. What are the prices on the stakes and Jack in the Box?
  6. Hi, I'll be there Oct. 1-4, UTH am and pm on the 2nd
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