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  1. RIGHT on point!! An extra 109.00 in universals pocket why not inflate wait times. Absolutely brilliant !!!!
  2. Does this include the rush for fear pass as well???
  3. I know this is not for all of you. But I have gone 2 times this year so far..9/21 and 9/26 and I have to say that The bar service has been TERRIBLE both nights. Unbelievably SLOW service and very weak drinks. Not from just one location but several...anyone else see the same?
  4. For those of you that go through the houses at the end of the night or next day. what are some of the crazy things you have found in the house?
  5. You might have heard that you can go this saturday the 30th. In the small print it says EXPRESS NOT VALID THAT DAY....just a heads up... Kinda like the 25.00 to valet park...you find out when you get there..LOL
  6. I have a question for all of you working in the houses. Is there a set time you all switch casts "A-B"? Is it the same across the board..as in all house change at the same time? THANKS!!
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