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  1. I will be there October 7th with my wife...heres a pic of me my wife is blonde...just look for the tattoo on my neck
  2. I think it means this guy gets his own show at HHN...replacing Brian Bushwood..thank God. maybe not though... http://www.uncledow.com/
  3. well Eddie DID say he didn't want his teddy so....
  4. I really don't think those boards are going to be a fence. More than likely they are freshly painted. If you notice the smaller boards on bottom are used just to keep the big ones up off the ground. We've done that many times remodeling our house.. Just doesn't look very sturdy to me.
  5. is losing his mind waiting for an update!

  6. Wow thanks Dinah!! I had no idea those existed....sounds more like my kinda pricing LOL
  7. how much were the fast passes last year..they bumped the ticket price so I wanna gauge how much to expect this year...I have a feeling we're gonna need em.
  8. I agree totally. I think we all have a wishlist this year but I'll be happy with just one from the list...I don't give a crap what it turns out to be. I'm still going.
  9. K so I was poking around the HHN Orlando site cuz well I was bored after checking for updates...but anyway I dunno if someone saw this before or if its common knowledge, anyway so I was looking at the audition page ( http://universalauditions.com/orlando/schedule.asp ) and on it they are auditioning stilt walkers. Am I gonna get my wish and have the Terra Queen show up?? FINGERS CROSSED! Oh and if anyone saw this before I'm sorry...I didn't see anything when I ran a search of the forums.
  10. Brian Bushwood had some cool tricks but he's been doing basically the same act since before he came to HHN...if he comes back I hope to GOD he'll do something better than tricking people into watching a damn screamer video on a large screen....he had it light up and half of us were like oh man really ? It was lame...hopefully he goes to hollywood and not orlando. Bring in Jim Rose or some other side show/freak show. Give those guys some cash and and earn cool points by showcasing a dying art. IMHO of course...
  11. Dr. Ray was it something you guys signed up for? Like an official HHN update thingy? I signed up to get those survey's last year I only got one I think.
  12. oh thank God...now I can quit wondering when it'll begin..now it officially has. Thanks man awesome post!
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