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  1. We've seen the Die-In IPs get their own mazes several times.. unless you mean Die-In 2..
  2. I also heard that there are new rights issues that would prevent any future use of the John Carpenter 1978 Halloween film from future HHNs.. Is there any truth to that rumor?
  3. Guaranteed this means one of two things.. 1. Universal is testing the viability of a Hollywood version of Unmasking The Horror tours for future HHNs.. 2. Universal is testing the viability of Stranger Things as a year round IP/attraction ala TWD for the future.. Start by testing how non-HHN guests react to seeing this IP during daytime USH..
  4. Out of the rumored IPs, Universal Classic Monsters is the one I'm looking forward to the most.. this will no doubt be Murdy's baby...
  5. I could easily see both versions of the UCM maze containing twists to them..
  6. From a Hollywood fan, glad to hear the Orlando fans are safe
  7. It'd be both a great HHN maze AND it'd be a great dark ride for USH.. kinda like the USH answer to Disneyland's Haunted Mansion
  8. Agreed! The delays on both sides are nothing short of infuriating.. (Hollywood fan here)
  9. Yes!! I love KISS but let's be honest, they're trying to set the record for the longest-running farewell tour in music history.. so it's possible B&T return when a new theater happens
  10. That would be the ultimate, ULTIMATE mind-screw.. for years, Murdy has said not only would he never do another Orlando character following Jack and Director (Usher rumors from 2013 not withstanding), but he'd never create a maze where multiple IPs were represented.. So if Uber Fan was Titans of Terror/All Nite Die In, Uber Fan in this case would mean people who know both events so well and they'd either remember going through or hearing stories of the All Nite Die In maze from HHN 2003 where all of the Big 4 slashers were represented..
  11. I get it too.. "The Nightmare Killer", "The Hockey Mask Killer", "The Shatner Mask Killer" and "The Chainsaw Killer" were all in that maze as their films were being "remade" by The Director and we walked through the drive-in theater where they lurked..
  12. Yes, a Scarecrowz Terror Tram would be awesome.. and yes, Titans of Terror TT would be pretty rad!
  13. Suspiria would make one hell of a 3D maze with Argento's bright, saturated color scheme
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