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  1. My list with 1 being most anticipated and 8 being my least anticipated. 1. American Werewolf in London 2. Cabin in the Woods 3. La Llorona 4. Resident Evil 5. Havoc 2 6. Afterlife 7. Evil Dead 8. Walking Dead ( seriously, who asked for this to come back? lol)
  2. I feel stupid for asking, but where did you find this?
  3. I honestly think it would be crazy for them NOT to incorporate Slenderman into the event in some way shape or form. The character is now more popular than ever and the theme that this year is going for would be perfect to have him. He wouldn't have like a house or scarezone based around him, but maybe just have be a random scareactor that pops up anywhere in the park.
  4. The first thing thing that popped in my head when Dr. Jimmy mentioned balloons were clowns. I for one would love to have a house that's entirely clown or circus themed this year because we haven't really had one of those in a while. Or maybe that's a bit too obvious?
  5. Welp, time for my return to the forums :)

  6. Surprise HHN visit tonight!

  7. What made it easy for me to recognize the monsters in the house was just looking at the environment. If you were in the woods and you saw the caravan, you expect the Wolfman. If you were in a room full of pipe organs, you expect Phantom of The Opera, so on and so forth. But I personally fell in LOVE with this house! I actually got really good scares throughout the house, and I actually thought the black and white effect worked really effectively. Plus, all the actors were on their A game when I went through and I loved every single moment of this house. Far exceeded my expectations and it became my favorite house of the night.
  8. I will be there on Sept 21st, opening day, and on Oct. 26. This is my first year going to opening night and also first year going more than one night.
  9. Terra Guard came to me because I always wanted to attend past HHN years that I never got to experince. 2004 and 2005 in particular were years that desperately made me dream of using a time machine in order to experience them. But obviously, that isn't possible. So the next best thing was to go on the website archives and just soak in the atmosphere and just imagine what it would have been like. One of my most favorite images on the websites was that of a scarezone called "Terra Guard Run". The scarezone itself, whether it was good or not didn't matter to me. I thought this picture looked so cool and it looked like an awesome heavy metal album cover. So I decided to call myself Terra Guard after this awesome image from the 2005 website and also out of love for wanting to experience previous years that I never went to.
  10. o.o That worked. Thank you very much, now I'm to hit my head on my desk multiple times for my stupidty. Lol Thank you.
  11. I have tried to buy the ticket on previous days and this has always happen.
  12. I feel so stupid for posting this but for some reason, the online ticket store for HHN 22 won't work for me. I want to buy a Frequent Fear Pass Plus so I click Add To Cart. Now when I go to both View Cart or Checkout, it doesn't list my selection. All it gives me are the options Back to Shopping or Find Cart. I click on Find Cart, and it tells me to type my email address. When I do that I press Find Cart and all that it tells me is that Unable to Find Saved Shopping Cart. I am so confused and frustrated. I'm not able to buy my ticket online. Can someone help me please?
  13. Omg, I actually really LOVED this years commercial. Like above, this is the best advertisement since 2008. Like at first, I thought it was just generic zombie commercial, but from when they locked themselves behind the gate all the way to the end was where I was like "THAT WAS AWESOME!" .Outstanding commercial!
  14. Oh yes, I freaking loved the Skoolhouse to death. Best scarezone ever!
  15. I wouldn't expect them to keep their original looks. They should have an updated look in order keep the house scary.
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