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  1. They had directed me to the Wizarding World entry area, but you have to keep telling them that’s what you want, otherwise they’ll push you to the backlot.
  2. La Llorna, Silent Hill, TCM, and The Walking Dead all were great that year (especially because it was the WD's first year so it was fresh). Alice Cooper and Monsters Remixed were alright mazes.
  3. I'd be pretty down if that were it! And with the massive surge of 'Twin Peaks' attention that came with the newest (and final) season, it has that pop culture presence Murdy wants in an IP ('Twin Peaks' has always loomed in pop culture, but it seems to have blown up this past Summer thanks to Showtime). They could probably pull it off. Looks like 'The Shining' is going through extreme lengths to replicate the movie exactly, down to the font of the numbers on the door.
  4. 'It' has the biggest horror opening ever, as well as the biggest 'R' rates opening since 'Deadpool', and has already earned back its budget; not to mention that on Thursday alone it earned more than 'The Dark Tower' did its whole theatrical run. A stellar rating on Rotten Tomatoes and nothing but praise. I feel like something could have been done with WB to get it to HHN, and it sounds like Murdy fought hard to get it. Here's hoping it'll headline next year's event because I'd hate for it to become a mashup house like 'Insidious: Into the Further'. 'It' has more than enough material to cover a full maze and still come back 2019 for the sequel. I was was also hoping 'Covenant' would come this year with some old 'AvP' props to save budget, but I guess it got eased out. Here's hoping 'Predator' can make an appearance next year with (here's a long shot) the classic 'Alien' taking the 'Exorcist'/'Shining' spot as the slow burn classic horror maze.
  5. Next year should be interesting being that we get a new 'Halloween' movie, 'It' can finally come to HHN (and have more justice done than the Neibolt St Experience did), a new 'Predator' movie, a 'Green Inferno' sequel (the first could have been a maze), and apparently a 'Slenderman' movie (though the hype for him has died so much I think the film will fail, but the setting/various creatures of the mythology has potential for a maze). Also wonder if it'll become a 'thing' to have one classic horror film at the event now.
  6. I just wonder what the hold up is. Usually announcements come early and strong, but this year it seems like they're holding off until the last moment to reveal everything.
  7. I also usually see those people who don't want to do stuff; like in the 'Walking Dead' maze one year, a woman didn't want to walk through the semi truck with walkers in it and that held up everyone for quite a while.
  8. Exactly! I've been to other haunts and there's a reason I go back to Horror Nights more. I feel like a close second would be Queen Mary because they have some stellar set design and scare factor, but the stories feel a bit vague. HHN tells stories in a more linear sense than other haunts that make it feel cinematic. I'm going to give Knotts a second try this year, but I was super disappointed in them the last time I was there. Fright Fest feels more catered to middle school children, and the San Diego haunts (though the last time I was there I was in middle school) have never really scared me. They felt like someone trying to do a haunt after going to a good one. HHN does have some major issues; the biggest one being crowds. The mazes feel cramped with people, and the crowd control inside the mazes draw me out of it and almost distract more than they should. Crowds also make it hard to explore scarezones, and also make the Terror Tram annoying. But I guess crowds ruin most things (Disneyland used to be tolerable before you had to shove your way through the different lands).
  9. Usually there are sites that allow people to see a movie early. Often times I go to a Studios website and there will be a tab that says something like 'Early Access Screenings' or something (haven't done that for any "big" movies). There have been a few times I've gotten in just by walking around a mall in LA (big malls though, usually with a large theater). It's not exclusive to LA though, I just know about those things for here since I live here. I know of people who go to screenings in NYC and sometimes in Dallas.
  10. The last remaining venue is the Parisian Courtyard next to Mel's Diner.
  11. I've never heard of a film screening not having you sign an NDA beforehand. Literally all the ones I've been to (for big and small Studios equally) have both made me sign those and leave all electronics behind. Even the rushed screenings where they say "the movie is starting in half an hour, do you want to go?". I even saw a screening of 'It', and haven't seen such intense security at a screening, so I don't buy that at all. As well, the NDA restricts you from talking about the film in any regards. The house could be a bigger deal than you think, so the safe thing is to just not say anything at all, because that's still a breach in contract. I'm still on the fence about 'Chapter 4' taking that spot, but I believe HorrorNightsFan13 more than I believe you because his logic is more grounded than your claims.
  12. True! I just hope they're all annoucned before opening! Someone at work joked the last annoucement would be the night before opening.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, I think the next reveal will happen sometime next week. Not sure if it correlates with anything, so possibly Monday?
  14. During the course of the show, Zod came in to destroy the land of Oz (if I'm not mistaken), but gay Superman was busy getting it on with Captain Kirk. To help him with the fight, he had to take steroids which made him a "tough man" who eventually fought Zod off. That's all I pretty much remember from the incident, and I never understood why that was the reason. Sure, the show was offfensive, but they warned audiences about that beforehand. And that honestly wasn't the worst joke in the show. It had some pretty racist bits during the start with some naughty humor at the end. Essentially they would be stationed in New York Street and give information to people passing by, but mostly make jokes about the guests. I thought it added more depth to the environment (only really remember the clown from 2012 and the student from 2013) and at times made it scarier that this calm person was surrounded by bursts of flame and chainsaws.
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