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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. They couldn't hire a child actor to play the part, hence why the concept was slightly revised and a prop corpse and coffin were utilized. The idea was to depart from the house with an ambiguous mindset of whether Caine succeeded or not. Subtlety was the key even if subtle notions tend to not work very well in a haunted maze.
  3. I am great! How is quesadilla boy doing?

  4. STEPH!

    How're you?

  5. They've attempted to expand their merchandise beyond just apparel or cups and have had little success. A handful of sales doesn't offer nearly enough profit for them to warrant the need to have such an item crafted and sold to the public. It should be noted that at the time that particular comment was made, the event had yet to be finalized. Naturally, concepts shift or "evolve." Based upon what concrete information is offered, the official web-page, we can presume that there is indeed still some validation in that statement. However, whether the semantics of the basic pitch change or not won't be known until the official press release from Universal tentatively hits towards the end of August.
  6. Hey, How are you?!

  7. The idea of an "archive book" has been thrown around for quite some time. It's an intriguing concept, in theory, but the execution of it would be a nightmare in terms of securing the rights to mention past icons and aspects of the event that are copyrighted. Factor in the overall price that the book would need to be set at to turn a profit and you have an idea that has a slim chance of ever observing the light of day.
  8. I can understand why one could instantaneously become skeptic towards the notion of the legitimacy of the pictures, as they look fairly "rough around the edges." Suppose we'll find out in due time, regardless.
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