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  1. So I hope they bring back the greatest house ever this year since they have 10 houses.. The Spawning!
  2. Okay... am I missing something? I absolutely hated the movie and only watched like half of it because I was so bored so I don't understand the hype that this house is getting. Maybe I need to give it a second chance..
  3. This house will be freaking amazing.. I'm calling it now.. If it isn't.. I will cry. Real tears. Not fake ones. I'm looking forward to this house the most although the house I look forward to the most is usually my least favorite.. I need to brush up on my Halloween movies before I head to Florida though.. it has been awhile!
  4. I absolutely love Jack. I wouldn't mind him coming back year after year in some capacity.
  5. I would definitely love to see a sequel to Catacombs (of course!!!) , Leave it to Cleaver, and hades. Oh yeah! Spawning too! (kidding)
  6. I saw a couple people dealing with heat exhaustion/dehydration at HHN when I was there last weekend.. I believe that is a common theme for theme parks for employees & guests..(especially with alcohol involved) many forget to drink enough water and believe they are fine. I drink tons of H2O while at the event to the point I'm probably a tad annoying to the people with me.. haha
  7. The voodoo priest is definitely good with it.. I will admit that one!
  8. Is the winner based on the cast? Like Cast A is one and Cast B is the other? Every single time I went through this house Jason was the winner.. Holy crap.. How did they find so many guys to fill the Jason role that were so ginormous?
  9. I wanted to love this house.. I wanted this house to be amazing and prove everyone wrong. I LOVE TWD, but I didn't love this house. I felt this house lacked energy, but I don't know how much energy zombies can really give. (Although one ran at the line and that kind of threw me off.. a lot..)
  10. This house is AMAZING. This is my absolute favorite house! Every run through I had was incredible! The Santa with a chainsaw got me so bad every single time I went through this house.. as did the Jacks. This house was amazing not just because of the scares but because of the scenes.. although I do agree it needed a catacombs scene! Catacombs was one of the best houses I've ever gone though so I don't understand why they didn't show it some love!
  11. My thoughts of this house maybe a little one sided since I absolutely LOVE the Body Collectors but this house was amazing. I thought it was so pretty and just had a great feel all though the house! Also..Body Collectors wearing robes? love it..
  12. This house was probably my least favorite. I hated how half the lights were strobe lights because it messed it with me for awhile. I feel the scaractors did great with what they had but I think the house itself was meh. This house could have been so much more if it wasn't 3D and didn't use strobes so much.
  13. Before the event.. I fully expected this house to bomb. After I have attended the event I will admit I was wrong! I felt the house was pretty intense and people would pop out from the most random places.. in fact one came popping out of a place that I don't believe was intended for a boohole and ran straight into me full force.. (I think I was closer than expected).....Great house! I didn't see the scream similarities though.
  14. I went through this house 3 times, and eh. I didn't really understand the house tbh. I get the premise of it but I didn't really see it in the house I guess... I wanted to like this house, but it was just okay. I felt there weren't enough people in this house, but maybe it was just my timing?
  15. This house was intense! I went through quite a few times and thought it was incredible every single run through. I actually didn't have high expectations for this house so was glad it was a lot better especially since I loved the movies!
  16. This zone... was interesting. I didn't know who a lot of the characters were (I thought Belle was Jane from Tarzan).. but it was a pretty zone.
  17. I didn't recall seeing them at all.. Where were they located at?
  18. This zone was so pretty! I loved walking through this zone so much, and got scared every single time by the bushes looking things. (No idea what you would actually call them). This zone was super foggy this past weekend so I could hardly see a thing in it at some parts, but that definitely wasn't a bad thing! The zone was definitely tight and at some points was a little hard to walk through so I would hate to see it when the park gets super packed in a couple weeks.
  19. Why isn't fear in this zone? I actually thought this zone was rather bland when I first went through but the more I went through it..the more I loved it! I absolutely LOVED watching the Usher (both casts) in this zone! He was amazing! He just played his part soo well and came off so incredibly creepy. .. I also saw different characters every time I went through that I hadn't seen before so I found that pretty neat as well. Icons having chainsaws = NO. Please take the chainsaws away from random characters.. kthnx. it seems like they just pass extra chainsaws to whomever. No one in this zone needs a saw.
  20. Jason did a great job of scaring and doing photos with people from what I saw this past weekend.. He had ton of people calling his name.. pulling at him (ugh) and constantly posing with him but he also kept getting the scares in there as well.. He would take a picture of two then walk away to scare before posing again. I saw him walking away from quite a few people who tried to take pictures with him. I must say I feel bad for those two this is going to be a long run for them!
  21. I loved the scareactor interaction in this zone.. The people working this zone are so in character! I actually wasn't looking forward to this zone because eh it didn't sound appealing but this actually ended up being one of my favorites!
  22. The clowns were killing it! I sat out there and watched both casts one night, and both casts were great! The things they were great loved the sarcastic humor plus they were getting some great scares!
  23. This house looks amazing and I CANNOT wait for it!! All of these pictures have me so excited for this event.
  24. They do a trip report or event review sub-forum every year, but they don't open it until the event actually starts. It is also normally up to the person posting to indicate whether there are spoilers or not.. 99% of the time there are spoilers in it.
  25. What do you mean you don't get the vibe that this is not a real icon year? Jack has his own show plus there is a scarezone dedicated to the icons..... What else do you need to make it a real icon year?
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