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  1. Dose anyone know what the characters are going to look like for the terror tram this year
  2. Dose anyone know if the name is dark universe or ucm for the maze and did anyone get casted as universal Classic monster
  3. Don't forget to join my group it's for Halloween horror nights Hollywood only https://m.facebook.com/groups/472346736434841
  4. here's my wish list for Halloween horror nights Hollywood 2018 Mazes It American horror story clute Purge Chucky Trick-or-treat Annabel Conjuring Walking dead attraction Scare zones wish list Main entrance And Springfield Circus themed scare zone with chainsaw zombie clowns demon clowns monkeys teddy bear freaks stilt walker Circus tent clowns Circus clowns with knife machetes Carnival clowns with axes hammers mallets scare zone 2 where did The Walking Dead attraction is a zombie themed scare zone with zombies of course and survivors scare zone 3 over where despicable me minion mayhem is a purge scare with character form purge 1 2 3 and 4 with axes knives chainsaw and machetes scare zone 4 where Harry Potter is monster creature scare zone scare zone 5 where in the lower lot is a chainsaw butcher scare zone with chainsaw pigs animals and butchers scare zone 6 we're the tunnel is toxic tunnel again but with more scare actors scare zone 7 were the black lot is a trick or treat scare zone with chainsaw Pumpkins scare crows stilt walker skeleton werewolf pumpkin ghost witches skeletons and vampire with axes knifes and machetes Show Jabberwocky's That's my wish list for Halloween horror nights Hollywood 2018
  5. this is the hollywood page for halloween horror nights not japan
  6. Someone posted pictures of the props for the Hell-O-Ween scare zone on Instagram https://www.facebook.com/groups/472346736434841/permalink/511081085894739/
  7. Can someone go to universal studios to do a Halloween horror nights construction update please that would be great
  8. do u have better pics of the terror tram construction
  9. What John said about the scare zone props for hellthat they can putting out before the eventoween scarezone that they can putting out before and
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