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  1. So the topic of Michael Myers shows parallels to the topic of gaslighting? Or a Dracula haunted house is the exact same thing as a haunted house based entirely on domestic abuse? I genuinely hope the people making HHN aren’t so extraordinarily dumb as to actually think that’s a good idea. Edit: I hope some of the men championing this idea will take the chance to educate themselves on why it would be so deeply wrong for Universal to spin a story like The Invisible Man into a haunted attraction... The Invisible Man Through the Eyes of a Survivor How The Invisible Man Based Its Gaslighting Thriller on Real-Life Stories of Abuse and if it helps to read it through the words of a man... How Men Can Help End Domestic Violence
  2. I’m having a lot of trouble understanding this. If marketing is so “incompetent” how come HHN’s attendance keeps growing? I know it can’t just be from random minutiae interactions over t-shirts. Don’t all parties involved have to work together at some point in time to sell HHN? I know that we all like to think we’re important in the hearts of HHN but the bottom line, at least to me, seems to be an insurance of growth. They’ve already got our money, and since they’re not a mom & pop operation but a Comcast stemmed event, they want more. From where I’m sitting if the event lacks growth, it stagnates, it eventually dies. While snobbiness and an aura of gatekeeping contribute to why I generally don’t come around here anymore, I didn’t really get that (or condescension) from what he said so I’m struggling with this.
  3. Recent ones: Us (still in theaters though), Get Out, Hereditary, The Witch Classics: House On Haunted Hill, House Of Wax, Suspiria, The Lost Boys , Black Christmas, When A Stranger Calls. Originals for all those, accept The Lost Boys cause that wasn’t remade yet* (the CW version is coming though). Random ones that bother me: Session 9, Shutter (the original), Audition, A Tale Of Two Sisters (original), When A Stranger Calls Back (the beginning of this one is super unsettling), The Others I tried to pick movies that are more easily available on Comcast, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. but I’ll edit if I think of anything else. Edit: HOWWW could I forget Jennifer’s Body?!?!?! And Teeth?!?
  4. Yeah, it’s definitely a bizarre thing to witness/be a part of. Just endlessly dissecting worthless crap about a damn middle/upper class Halloween carnival. But here I am, keeping up with it, so God only knows what that says about me as a person...
  5. It’s now the largest opening for an original horror movie of all time, making history for Universal.
  6. Obviously it’s in the description that the vampires will be “punks” with “big hair” so clearly they’re gonna be ripping it off aesthetically to some extent. But to play the soundtrack...which, with the movie, didn’t even come out until 1987... don’t piss in my face and tell me it’s raining, Universal!
  7. IMO, that will be SUCH a slap in the face if they play that soundtrack.
  8. I think where you have HoB 2 might actually be where the possible HDD house may be situated. I feel like the HoB 2 talk got mixed up with the B movie talk, or maybe I’m confusing it with the Halloween Best Of talk? I was also under the impression that due to the F&F ride exit, San Fran wouldn’t be hosting a SZ this year. This is awesome though!
  9. Yes, to the happiness of practically everyone but myself, I don’t think it’s happening this year, or, IMO, ever just cause I think Vamp ‘85 is gonna be way too similar.
  10. If it makes you feel any better I feel the exact same way, I still make guesses anyway! I think all the clues are hard, @mystiquephreeq‘s are super difficult for me, like sometimes you need to be of a certain age range and born in a certain location to understand it, but I still think it’s fun. @Legacy’s are hard for me as well but I think it has more to do with being unfamiliar with Rick & Morty, I’m sure they’re mostly easier for fans of the show, but, again, it’s still fun. However, all that said, I think originals are the hardest to guess no matter what because they could literally be anything. IP’s, IMO, are a little easier.
  11. Reading this post made a lightbulb go off for me-I really need to stop comparing TLB to Vamp ‘55. In order to compare the two I have to take away so much from Vamp ‘55 and add too much to that SZ to make it similar enough to TLB, and comparisons (IMO) shouldn’t take that much addition & subtraction. I loved Vamp ‘55 but, IMO, it was essentially Grease with vampires. And how could I compare TLB and Grease? The only thing they have in common is teenagers with leather jackets. Same goes for Vamp ‘55, take out the greasers/T Birds and it’s a lot more difficult to compare the two.
  12. Ok so this one is Wizard of Oz?? It does make sense, but I don’t remember people turning into food, just different objects and animals.
  13. After looking into HHN 18 every single gif you’ve posted (on both sites) from Clue 8 is giving me Creatures! vibes.
  14. Now I’m even more intrigued cause I was under the impression you were connecting the Legions of Horror to originals only, and Morphan I matched with one of the guesses for an original, but it also does make sense with those IP’s. Does that mean the originals left would sync with Maschorian & Strengoist..or could they also fit with IP’s? I think we share that same streak of optimism.
  15. By blatant I mean having the original house title in the new house title, to me that’s pretty much as obvious as they could get. Like the next chapter of Psychoscareapy or Scary Tales would be a very obvious connection to the past, to me. Now for something less blatant to the general public or those of us who are fans but aren’t as knowledgeable about previous HHN’s then maybe it’s the setting that connects the two but the story & characters are new or vice versa. It’s not as obvious as sharing a title, if you’ve been before & are a fan you’ll recognize something about it, but it’s not as hard to spot as one Easter egg. Reading up on the Legions of Horror though is very, very interesting. I absolutely see Dead Exposure in there, and one I can kinda connect to one guess, but the rest I’m very curious about. And, of course, there’s one I’m still hoping is being saved for something else.
  16. Since it is so easy to connect things to the past I’m wondering if that’s how the overall theme & “the past will haunt you” ties in. Like a video store in Carey, Ohio. Maybe all the originals have ties in the past, just maybe not as blatant as Dead Exposure. It could be new concepts that have connections to older ones??
  17. 1. I still maintain the theme will be a video store. I hope if we do get an icon it’ll be like the Blockbuster equivalent of the Usher. Or the Director returns but he’s recording on a camcorder now! 2. I felt like The Wizard of Oz fit that riddle but not the codename Snacks, is it possible we may be getting at least 2 originals that borrow from past houses? 3. *PA announcement* Is there a Mr. Bremer in the house?? That’s who I first saw mention it. They apparently held auditions for returning SA’s this weekend so I figured it came from there but it sounds like it didn’t. I remember motorcycles in Vamp ‘55 at the end of the event. However, they weren’t used in the show type of way they were in The Purge last year. IIRC, they rode them out and parked them on the sides of the street in more of a photo op style. Whatever it’s for I hope it’s not The Purge again.
  18. Do you know if it’s true that they’re currently looking for motorcycle riders?
  19. I hope it’s not HDD. How did we go from the possibility of IT, ANoES, Halloween, The Thing, The Lost Boys, etc. maybe being on the table to Happy Death Day???
  20. Still coming back to this but I’m wondering if it could be an analogy for Terrorland? I know you’re not confirming but I’m wondering if another iteration of Scary Tales is in the works, instead though going back to the Terrorland moniker and expanding on it. I’m also seriously curious about who this points to.
  21. I believe the original list was ST, IT, AHS, TrT, ANoES, Halloween & The Thing.
  22. The poppies that knock everyone out in Oz are poisonous, too. ”And now, my beauties, something with poison in it, I think. With poison in it, but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell. Poppies...poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep.”
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