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  1. Talked about all the mazes and showed some really cool pictures. I'm really excited for the guests and maze hosts to see home of the crazy shit Murdy came up with this year. It's a solid 11/10
  2. I think one will be tomorrow since it's the first day of scareactor orientation and that to me is the second to last milestone before the event itself. They're most likely going to announce Insidious tomorrow and then leave Blumhouse for last since the IP's within the house include Get Out (which I think the Hype train is too big).
  3. I didn't see it as arguing. Just wasn't sure why so much as having WWoHP affected HHN and Grinchmas.
  4. Lat year, the most tickets we ever sold for one night was 23k. During HHN we have an attendance limit of 20k~ (I don't remember the exact number). During regular day ops, the record was set on the opening day of JP when we had well over 40k people in the park. These numbers don't mean that all 23k and 40k people were in the park at the same time, just that the overall attendance throughout the day/event were 23k for HHN and 40k+ for JP opening. The answer to your second question is no. The park only sold like 19k tickets on the last day when WWoHP was opened and the lines for all the mazes were the same as usual. Granted WW was only open from 11-2 or something like that. But even if they had WWoHP open throughout the entire event, they wouldn't be allowed to sell more tickets. This is why: The amount of people allowed in is determined by a fire marshal, he goes in and inspects all the mazes and he decides what the max capacity is. The way he does this is based solely off of the mazes, this is because he's only assuming that people will be in those maze queues and nowhere else. Let's say he thinks that a maximum of 20k people would fit inside every maze queue if every guest was only in the maze queues. So he lets the park sell around 23k tickets because obviously, there would never be all 20k people in the park at the same time, and even if they were,t hey wouldn't all be ONLY in the maze queues. They'd be in some of the rides or inside the mazes themselves. So the park is allowed to sell 23k tickets but they always oversell because math and semantics. WWoHP can hold like 12k people inside of it (I don't remember the actual number but I remember it being pretty high) so even if they opened it up and they could in theory (and I guess practice) hold an extra 12k people in there, the fire marshal doesn't care, he only cares how many people fit inside maze queues.
  5. I don't see how opening WW affected HHN. The area is just too big to manage, it can hols some ridiculously big number of people. Plus HHN is supposed to be about the mazes, not the attractions that are open year round. People who go to HHN go for the halloween stuff, and not the rides. They opened WW on the final night as a test run to see how it would affect the Horror Nights aspect. As for there only being 4 rides open, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. DM is mainly targeted for small children who usually aren't at the event, and that part of the park can be used for moving props to scare zones in and around the Parisian courtyard. Makes sense to shut down DM for HHN. Shrek has the lowest guest count on the daily basis, which is why they closed it and are building the Kung Fu Panda attraction there. Even if it wasn't closed for remodeling, the amount of people going to Shrek would be too low to justify having it open during night OP's. Simpsons being open makes a lot of sense as it has one of the highest through puts, it's queue and two domes can fit a lot of people, and it's out of the way of any major scare zones. The lower lot has The Mummy, Jurassic Park, and Transformers open because they're very popular rides. Although the JP ride is old as hell, it's opening day counted one of if not the biggest in park guest count. People like for nostalgia reasons, AND it's the only water ride in the park. The mummy has one of the highest through puts due to it being the only roller coaster, and the ride time being extremely short. Transformers, one of the newer rides at the park, does not get a whole lot of visitors during HHN. Last year the highest wait time I saw it have was 15 minutes. However, it being right outside the entrance of Route 666 and The shinning, gives guests something to do if they think that line is too long. It too is on the popular spectrum when it comes to rides at USH. There are currently only Seven rides in the park (Simpsons, JP, Mummy, Transformers, DM, and Forbidden Journey and hippogrif). They keep 4 of the most popular rides open, close the two least popular rides, and close the WWoHP as a whole. It makes perfect sense to me why they would do that. WW is not cheap to keep open, and people for the most part don't want to work there until 2:30 am. My first year working at USH i was a ride op at one of the rides that stays open during HHN. We had empty cars throughout the majority of the event hours. It sucked, we were extremely overstaffed which lead to a shortage of employees during day ops to balance out hour budgeting.
  6. I guess you could open up the WWoHP but that opens up a whole other can of worms, one that I don't think any fire marshal would approve of. Ultimately, I don't know if there is a solution to this problem. As for budgeting, I'm sure that NBC Universal makes more than enough to shell out for HHN. Whether they want to or not is a different thing.
  7. Unfortunately, USH would only ever do Aliens from the Aliens franchise and that's pretty stale. So unless someone releases the greatest alien film ever and US can get the rights, then I highly doubt we're going to get a new alien themed maze. Which is sad because aliens allow for a wide variety of original content. To answer my own question: I want demons. Shit that's so ridiculous that it could only be spawned from hell. The closer something gets to uncanny the scarier it becomes to me. Imagine a maze forcing you to walk through trees filled with fake blood, there are several different ways through. The woods are plagued with gruesome looking hell spawn and you're constantly being chased by a human with the head of a horse stitched to it's neck. But it's turned inside out with all the blood vessles facing you, teeth all jacked up and it doesn't run like a normal person, it limps and jumps as it stalks you. I'd certainly be spooked by that right there. I personally thought that the costumes at FF were better than at HHN. There were less houses and they weren't as scary but they felt more real to me. I honestly felt like I was where the maze was portraying. Also, original IP's are far scarier in my opinion, as you have no idea what you'll be faced with when you walk through the entrance.
  8. If a maze doesn't get the estimated put through, then the ops team gets seriously bashed. Before the event starts, whoever the area manager is (person in charge of the entire backlot for example) will set the put through at say 2,000 people for a popular maze like AHS. If they're under that number by the end of each hour, then the entire team gets told something. Of course shit happens all the time and the goal is never really reached by a few dozen or so numbers. This entire situation forces the operations team to send in 20+ people at a time. If they didn't, and they did smaller, more intimate groups, then lines would be really backed up. The only way to beat this problem so that everyone wins is to have more mazes. This would allow guests to be more spread out and hopefully reduce the ridiculous lines. Of course for this to work, the park would need to increase the amount of mazes and keep ticket sales to around 20k/night. AND EVEN THEN the operation teams would have pressure on them to have high put throughs and short wait times. It's an internal problem that most likely will never get solved because there are too many things demanded of the employees. My solution to this problem would honestly be to have 10 mazes and only sell 20k tickets. Things would fall on central command to not be so demanding on the rest of the park employees. Maybe only ask for about 1000 people to go through the maze per hour. Keep all lines at a 45 minute wait. The way I see it, you need bigger mazes in order to space people out and avoid the conga line effect. This would obviously enhance the guest experience as they won't see the scares coming. If every maze takes between 3-5 minutes to walk through it, then what the teams could do is send a group in every 20 seconds. Groups should be no more than 10 people big and no smaller than 4. I'm terrible at math so someone else should do that for me and let me know what a min/max hourly through put would be if that system were in place.
  9. My first experience with a haunted house was at Universal IIRC, it was the HHN with a Van Helsing maze. It scared the shit out of me to the point where my dad had to let me piggy back the rest of the way out of the maze. I didn't go to another Halloween themed scare attraction until 2015 when I went to HHN and Fright fest. I think that fright fest does a way better job. They have a maze that they used the last two years that has some really terrifying things. I went to both HHN and FF, like I said, and I only got spooked at FF. They have a ton of Uncanny Valley stuff there and I think that that stuff really gets under peoples' skin more so that the Universal Stuff. I gotta give Fright Fest props for their amazing sets. I felt like I was actually at a mansion or a hedge maze when I was there. However, when i was at HHN for the first time, it felt like poorly made sets inside giants warehouses/tents. I think that after working the event last year, and going through every maze several times, I've become desensitized to the social standards of what "scary" is. Hopefully AHS will be able to give me a fright this year.
  10. What would you want in a maze that you think would actually scare the shit out of you?
  11. Roanoke was the scariest season to me. Had to pause three times to recover.
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