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  1. i dont know if this is unrelated but do any of you guys that transformers extended que would be good for a maze venue? i would love hollywood to use any open area if they can.
  2. Yay Hhn is 6 days away!! But... where the hell are upper deck scarezone props?? I mean the event is 6 days away!! That's my fav part before the event, seeing scarezone props! Also, are we not having a fire tower?
  3. Wait but what are the movies featured in blumhouse?
  4. Does anyone know the dates for the frequent fear pass? Please let me know.
  5. What my source has said to me about recent hhn news is that titans will be waterworld, jp is still insidious, Persian is still blumhouse and saw and ash are still happening but what they didn't know was the terror tram, and if you remember chucky's writer or whatever said that chucky would be there at this years event somehow, could it be the terror tram replacing the titans because they're getting their own maze?? This is all obviously speculation so don't attack me if it isn't true or if I mistook something
  6. Hmmmmmmm... look up 'Inglewood oil field houses' on google images.
  7. Honestly I'm pretty new here account wise but I've been pretty active looking at what people are saying about hhn Hollywood. But at the same time the conjuring was scrapped, I remember that murdy said that he wrote TWO extra maze treatments, Correct me if I'm wrong! but no one is addressing the second maze treatment that murdy wrote. I understand people are talking about the conjuring replacement but i guess no one talked about the other treatment
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